Friday, March 16, 2007

ADVERTISEMENT: Architectural Solution

picture Ironic Catholic

For those of you who want Baroque but have Asda.
Architectural Solutions has the answer "Inflata Church".
Are you that priest who looks out of his bedroom window and sees his nice old church now turned into flats, then "Inflata Church" is the answer.
Inflata Church comes in a variety of models, Byzantine, Gothic and Baroque.
Every "Inflata Church" comes with its own set of discussion papers and can easily be inflated by an hours small group discussion, half an hour, if the discussion is particularly heated.

There is aslo the blog powered version, with numerous comment boxes for easy inflation, attach to blog, put on something controversial and see it rise!


Ttony said...

I thought this was the Cathedral Church for flying bishops.

(Stop groaning at the back!)

Kevin said...

Father, what are you talking about? I don't understand this post at all. Isn't the picture of the Wiesekerche (sorry if that is spelt wrongly)?

Londiniensis said...

If you track the story back to the website of Kubicek Balloons, who made it, you will find it is a model of St Gallen Cathedral.

Whatever next?