Saturday, October 03, 2009

Benedict XVI: The protection of life cannot be abandoned


JamesP said...

Unless it is the life of an unborn child under threat from a Connexions advisor who has been welcomed in to a Catholic school with the endorsement of the Catholic Education Service.

Protection of that life must be abandoned otherwise one might be perceived as disloyal to the Bishops.

George said...

JamesP, you make a good point. As a parent and Governor in a UK Catholic Secondary School I really wish that these 'Connexions' could be broken permanently! Their policies and agenda are anti Catholic, anti Life and anti Family.

Here's a 'one-liner' from their website, such good advice for 13 year olds and up, although they do state that the legal age for sex is 16: "Protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases as well as pregnancy".

Clever that. In one single sentence the precious 'gift of pregnancy' is reduced to the status of a sexually transmitted disease. How they tinker with our children's minds and perceptions, twisting and distorting truth. And of course the 'condomania propaganda' is pushed via the two agencies that they quote as 'further advice can be obtained from...', yep, you guessed it - Brook Advisory Centres and the Family Planning Association.

These people 'pour out the poison of PC wickedness' over our children without a thought for their true wellbeing of body, mind and soul or formation into the upright young men and women that God wants them to be.

Our schools should ban Connexions involvement altogether as their ideology flies in the face of our Catholic Life and Culture. Headteachers should be more vigilant but alas many are weak in their Faith and poorly formed, so they are blind to the wiles of the enemy.

This is where our Bishops must take the lead. Enough damage has already been done! Barely 5% of kids coming out of Catholic Secondary Schools regularly attend Mass on Sunday - and let's not forget that this is the absolute BARE MINIMUM that is asked of us, so how can you measure the immensity of the damage that is being wreaked upon the Church?

As for the CES? This is how they promote themselves:

The CES negotiates, on behalf of all bishops, with Government, and other national bodies on legal, administrative, and religious education matters in order to:

1/ promote Catholic interests in education;
2/ safeguard Catholic interests in education;
3/ contribute to Christian perspectives within educational debate at national level.

I can honestly say that they have failed on all three counts above! In fact if anything the enemy is gaining ground at an alarming rate and our Catholic Schools are being trashed!

We are being scuppered from within and bombarded from without.

Holy Saints and Angels help and preserve us! Ora pro nobis.