Friday, March 30, 2018

The Cross is a Choice for Heaven or Hell

The Cross is about the vulnerability of God, it is about God placing himself into our hands.

In the Crucifixion God is scourged, spat upon, crowned with thorns, nailed to the Cross and left to die.

Upon the Cross the ultimate battle, is revealed the terrible truth of God, the all powerful becomes all weakness, Life himself submits to death, the sinlessness is overcome by sin. Fallen man who has fought with God from his beginning now enters the final battle.

Before us is set the incredible power of man, he can and does crush God, remove from existence, expel him from the earth he had created.

Before us is set the love of God, that he for love of us is willing to be defeated. For us Immortality becomes mortal.

The doctrine of Hell is essentially about freewill. Man can choose to embrace God for all eternity or to reject him, to say 'yes' or 'no', we can choose between life and death. In a very real way we are made like God himself, we are eternal.

On the Cross God shows himself powerless but we are never powerless, God removes his choice by choosing to love us. God accepts us with utter love and we are called to make a decision of accepting or rejecting him. Catholic theology never teaches God or his Grace is irresistable. In each of our acts we can either reject or accept God.

We can be in the crowd which shouts Hosanna - 'Save us' as we follow Jesus in the great sacrificial procession from misery (Bethany means 'House of Misery) to be at peace with God (Jerusalem means 'the View of Peace') or we can be in that other crowd which rejects him and shouts "Crucify him" and does crucify him.

The choice is eternal because we are eternal, we can choose God which is Heaven or Hell where the pain is our own decision to reject God.

Heaven and Hell are both a single moment but an eternal moment.


Cressida de Nova said...

Hell is a place of eternal torment of deep regret and despair.

Merciful God will give every person an opportunity to be saved. Even though some may not be in a religious milieu or know of Jesus, I believe at some point God will inspire every person through whatever means, to make a choice to make the right decision.Incidentally there is no living person who pursues the path of Satan who experiences peace and joy in any real sense of the words here on earth.

Thank you for your words Father. They are very much appreciated.A blessed and joyous Easter to you and everyone.

Paul Hellyer said...

Thank you father for a very profound explanation. Now tell it to Vincent Nichols and Pope Francis who have other beliefs.

poly carped said...

Thank you Father for a beautiful post and for such refreshing and much needed clarity. Wishing you, in advance, a very Holy and happy Easter.

Nicolas Bellord said...

Thank you Father and best wishes for Easter.

Palincor IG said...

Much to reflect on here...God's love made so clear.

Squashed Sardine said...

Thank you Fr. Blake. I really appreciate and value your online leadership and hope and pray you will continue to do this. Thank you.

Drilling down further into the subject of Hell, please would you be so kind as to give us some guidance on Cardinal Nichols comments on the Radio Four Today programme responding to questions about Pope Francis' alleged claims that people who reject God are annihilated at death, (i.e. they cease to exist) where Cd Nichols said the Catholic Church does not teach that there is anyone in Hell.

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Aidan Clevinger said...

Thank you for this post, Father. I do have a question. You wrote:

"Catholic theology never teaches God or his Grace is irresistable."

Does the Thomistic teaching on predestination imply that grace is indeed irresistable for the elect, or is that a misreading of St. Thomas?

G. Thomas Fitzpatrick said...

Dear Father,
I hope you are well. We suffer from the same medical issues, so I am very aware when you are absent from your blog for a while.
God bless you!

Pelerin said...

Having only just discovered your Twitter, does this mean that it replaces your blog which is sadly missed these days?

B flat said...

Dear Father.
It has been over three months since your last post. If you have the strength to do so, please say if you are still willing to post your thoughts, which have almost always proved an invaluable comfort to so many readers. If you do not wish to, or cannot, blog further, get someone to announce it here.
I offer prayers for your wellbeing.
Back before 1970 our clergy used to announce the sick of the parish: "Your prayers are asked for the good estate of ...NN... who are sick." They were good men, and those were happy days.
God's Blessing and peace be with you always.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're OK Father. I'm one of your international parishioners ;)
God bless.

Catholic Mission said...

JULY 28, 2018
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