Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vatican Radio "cleans-up" Pope's Sermon

One of the problems Pope Francis must address is the Church's relationship with the media, especially those closely associated with the Papal Court. I don't just mean the rather poisonous words of one or two Curial Archbishops who seem to want emphasise, not just a break in the Papal wardrobe with this Pope and his predecessor but real doctrinal differences. The problems seem much deeper.

Take for example yesterdays homily at the Pope's Mass, to which employees of the Vatican Bank had been invited, according to Rome Reports, the Pope made some pretty pointed remarks:
The Pope also said that the 'organizational aspects' of the Church should never be first in line. At that point, he said, the Church runs the risk of collapsing and becoming an NGO.
If you listen to the original, his unscripted weekday sermons are a bit rambling -see the RR recording of his St George's day sermon- but Vatican Radio in its English report seems to have airbrushed out these particular remarks, which, as there are strong rumours going around Rome that if the bank can't clean up its act it will be closed, seem pretty important.

As Peter above all the Apostles is given the specific role of feeding the Lord's Lambs it is important his words are reported accurately, it was precisely because his message was often distorted that Pope Benedict acted through Moto Propria and issued the texts of his teachings.


TLMWx said...

What a curious omission by Vatican radio!

JARay said...

Rather disturbing news I must say.

Katalina said...

Actually this not the first time Vatican Radio has not done its job properly. It changed the words of Francis a couple of weeks ago from which he said "go backward" to "turn the clock back" It seems they want to spin his words for some reason. RR at least does not try to airbrush his speeches. But this itself is nothing new either because during the Papacy of John Paul I they changed his own words "I Me My "

Pablo the Mexican said...

When a Priest speaks with blessings and graces from Heaven, he does not ramble.

The Prophecy of Daniel Chapter 13 in which he defends Susanna is a demonstration of men, even twelve year old Daniel speaking with graces and blessings from Heaven.

That the Holy Father rambles should concern us that he has not been given graces or blessings other than the grace of state that comes with being the Holy Father.

When a Priest speaks with the Virgin Mary putting words in his mouth, even the most neurotic sour puss liberal Catholics lose all sense of time.

I have heard Padres give sermons that lasted for an hour.

Because the Virgin Mary and her Son were speaking through the good Padre, the sermon seemed to last only a few minutes.

At the end of it all many souls were edified, and most important, there was a message to those that have created their own brand of Catholicism that they should repent and do penance.

Our Priest should submit to Christ first, the Holy Father second.

Pray for the Holy Father; pray harder that your Priest is a Holy Priest.

If we support our good Padres, the Holy Father will have no alternative other than becoming Holy himself.

There have been many that have become Pope for the wrong reasons, but repented and became good Fathers due to the prayers and supplications of the Faithful.

Support your Priest.

Do not usurp his authority.


Unknown said...

Sometimes I think Catholic media is more dangerous to the Church and the secular media. You see when I read, listen or watch anything from the secular media I am on my guard, aware that they can't be trusted.

When I am dealing with Catholic media, except if it is of course the National Catholic Reporter or our South African Catholic newspaper - who I know not to trust, I am less guarded. Hence I am more likely to accept false information.

Poppy Tupper said...

But I think you'll find that St Peter had his first letter 'tidied up' by Silvanus. He'd never have been able to write such elegant Greek.

Physiocrat said...

Strange altar layout with the candlesticks advancing in echelon formation. What is to be deduced from that?

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