Friday, September 29, 2006

China: Organ supplies increase

The BBC's Rupert Wingfield-Hayes visited No 1 Central Hospital in Tianjin, ostensibly seeking a liver for his sick father.
Officials there told him that a matching liver could be available in three weeks.
One official said that the prisoners volunteered to give their organs as a "present to society".
It is a complete fabrication... to say that China forcibly takes organs from the people given the death penalty for the purpose of transplanting them
Qin GangForeign ministry spokesman28 March 2006

He said there was currently an organ surplus because of an increase in executions ahead of the 1 October National Day.
China executes more prisoners than any other country in the world. In 2005, at least 1,770 people were executed, although true figures were believed to be much higher, a report by human rights group Amnesty International said.
China is one of those places that fill me with horror. In this parish we have a steady trickle of Chinese Catholic women who have fled their homeland because of the dreadful one child policy which results in enforce contraception, sterilisation and abortion. Life is cheap. This is article again points to it cheapness. Who was it who said, "a Godless society is a soulless society"?
The One Child Policy bodes ill for the world and for China itself, what is going to happen when all these children who have grown up without siblings or uncles or aunts grow up in a society where there is vast disparity between the number men and women. What do vast numbers of men do without the possibility marrying or belonging to a family do: go to war, committ acts of violence? What is the role of women in such a society?


Anonymous said...

They sure do need Jesus just to humanise them.

Michael Petek said...

The most likely thing surplus Chinese men will do is go to war or join a gang, with all that implies for public order.

The most frightening thing about China is the immense industrial power being progressively concentrated in the largest country in the world while it is under the control of unreconstructed Bolsheviks allied to greedy Western businessmen.

The country has become an export-oriented powerhouse because of its cheap labour. And Chinese labour is cheap because of Mao's legacy of a labour force cowed and beaten by fear of a People's Liberation Army willing to shoot its own people without hesitation, and of the Laogai concentration camp system which serves as the most ruthless union-buster ever devised.

If this vast country ever replaces the US as the world's only superpower while the Communist Party still in control, we'll all guaranteed a thousand years of globalised barbarism.

Two points of hope, though. According to over 13 million of the Chinese Communist Party's 60 million members have quit in disgust at what the Party is.

Secondly, in spite (or maybe because) of persecution the Church in China is growing at such a rate that the proportion of Christians in the population is reaching levels similar to that of Christians in the Roman Empire at the time of Constantine.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but they are mainly Protestants willing to take on the anti-life government theology.

Daniel said...

Most families (but by no means all; in some country areas one sees larger families)have only one child and usually it is a boy. Can you imagine how spoilt these children are? And what will happen when all these spoiled brats grow up? And cant find wives? But there are encouraging things - for instance, no one takes the slightest notice of traffic police!

Michael Petek said...

I know about those only sons - they're called "Little Emperors", they're so spoiled!