Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Today is the Memoria of Saints Cosmos and Damian

Martyred about 303
Twin brothers from Arabia who were physicians. They were very passionate about their profession, and took no fees. The Greeks therefore call them "Anargyri" ("the Moneyless"). They died for their Christian faith under Diocletian at Cyrrhus. Their remains were brought to Rome, where a great cult was generated. Their names are included in the Roman Canon.
The Roman basilica of these saints is rich in 6/7th century mosaics. They were extremely popular saints during the Middle Ages. In art they are shown standing side by side, holding surgical instruments and wearing robes of their profession.
Russian 19th Century icon Saints Cosmos and Damian flanking other healing saints.
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Holy Martyrs: Pray for us

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leo said...

We need to pray for our doctors and health professionals, both Catholic & Muslim, here so often we share the same moral outlook.