Friday, September 22, 2006

What more could he do?

from Christianity Today
All apologies:

For 4th time, Pope clarifies Islam remark Many non-Muslims, though, said they were glad the pope spoke out about violence and Islam (The New York Times)

Pope says remarks on Islam misunderstood During an audience in a tightly guarded St. Peter's Square, Benedict acknowledged that his comments — which sparked fury across the Muslim world — were open to misinterpretation (Associated Press)

Pope tries again to calm furor among Muslims Pope Benedict XVI on Wednesday expressed "a deep respect" for Islam, but again chose not to apologize outright for remarks last week that sparked worldwide Muslim anger (USA Today)

Pope, in new step to end crisis, pays respect to Islam The pontiff uses a general audience in St. Peter's Square to again reassure Muslims after his words last week provoked their fury (Los Angeles Times)

In a rare step, Pope expresses personal regret Church experts said it appeared to be the first time a pope has made such a direct apology (The New York Times)

Earlier: Vatican says Pope Benedict regrets offending Muslims The Vatican statement stopped short of the direct personal apology from Benedict that many Muslims have been demanding (The New York Times)

Saturday: Some Muslim leaders want Pope to apologize Muslim leaders around the world accused Pope Benedict XVI of dividing religions in comments he made Tuesday about Islam (The New York Times)

Pope apologies: 'Medieval text does not express my personal thought' This crisis aside, Benedict does have a more hawkish approach to Islam than Pope John Paul II (John L. Allen, Jr., National Catholic Reporter)

Mixed reaction as pope expresses regret Pope Benedict XVI said Sunday that he is "deeply sorry" his remarks on Islam and violence offended Muslims, but the unusual expression of papal regret drew a mixed reaction from Islamic leaders as the Vatican worried about a backlash of violence (Associated Press)

Pope 'sorry' about reaction to Islam remark (The Washington Post)

Pope issues a rare 'sorry' Benedict XVI publicly apologizes over the reaction to his citation of material that faults Islam. Muslims say it doesn't go far enough (Los Angeles Times)

Vatican tries to calm Pope row Al Qaeda militants in Iraq vowed war on "worshippers of the cross" and protesters burned a papal effigy on Monday over Pope Benedict's comments on Islam, while Western churchmen and statesmen tried to calm passions (Reuters)

Apologies issued during John Paul papacy Some instances in which Pope John Paul II admitted errors or apologized for actions of the Roman Catholic Church (Associated Press)

Pope expresses 'deep respect' for Islam Pope Benedict XVI said Wednesday that he has "deep respect" for Islam, but he did not offer an apology demanded by some Muslim leaders offended by the pontiff's remarks in Germany last week (Associated Press)

Pope says anti-Islam quotes not his own views Pope Benedict said on Wednesday that his use of medieval quotes portraying a violent Islam did not reflect his views and were misunderstood, but he did not give the clear apology still demanded by many Muslims (Reuters)

Pope hopes that controversy will lead to dialogue The Pope today described the worldwide Muslim anger that has engulfed his recent remarks about Islam as the result of an "unfortunate misunderstanding" (The Times, London)


Anonymous said...

This is bordering on the ridiculous - why don't the Muslims say sorry to us for a change??

Michael Petek said...

I agree. Especially after the murder of a nun in Somalia and the three who were judicially murdered by an Indonesian court that made a travesty of justice out of their trial.