Friday, February 18, 2011

Rumour Upon Rumour

Our Tina gives an interest link to a Tablet story about Caritas International's Lesley-Anne Knight, the former head of England and Wales' Cafod, being blocked from running for a second four-year term as Secretary General. Far from spite which is how The Tablet portrays the issue, my rumour mongers suggest there were doctrinal concerns for her veto, concern too over ABC, abstainence, be faithful, condoms policy pushed by Cafod.

The Roman rumour mill is an interesting thing, as in the seraglio a lot depends on who you listen to and how you listen, and questions you ask. Part of "the Roman Game" is the spreading of rumour, both to disconcert one's adversaries but also to get one's own party to stiffen their sinew, then of course there is the sheer old gossip factor, I am not sure what is coming into play over the rumours concerning the clarification of Summorum Pomtificum. But just to be on the safe side ......


Sixupman said...

Thank God you did not use the term "jungle drums", heaven knows what trouble you would be in!

Auricularis said...

Hmmm... seems Tina Beattie has had a change of heart if this is to be believed (scroll down to the end)

pelerin said...

Signed already this afternoon!

James said...

Can you tell us the source of "doctrinal concerns over her veto..."?
If you have further details it would be helpful to share these to discourage futher "rumour upon rumour". Thank you.

Ben said...

Would Tina Beattie really have ticked "Layman" on the petition?
Is the petition showing itself therefore to be bogus?

James said...

I am told you are pastorally caring but your Blog displays deep insecurities about your role as a priest and an inability to relate to the modern world.
You have not felt able to give me the source of the "rumours" you circulate.

Fr Ray Blake said...

James, I am not going to reveal any sources I have or go into further details - neither would Robert Mickens.
I merely raised the issue because there is an alternative to the Tablet's presentation of the events as an act of personal spite by a member of the Curia.

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Ben said...

The petition has been set up by a free online company.
Yesterday the bulk of the signatures were American and appeared dated 18 Feb. All those in one day!

"iPetitions - Start a free online petition in minutes.iPetitions is owned and operated by Angle Three Associates, LLC. All material © Copyright Angle Three Associates, LLC, 1998-2011. ..."

Do you remember "Rent a Crowd" for demonstrations?
Could this be "Rent a Name" for petitions?
I am concerned you may be associating yourself with something corrupt.