Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Off to Sicilly

I shall be away in Palermo until Sunday, the pack of bull mastiffs are wandering the Presbytery and the priests with whom I am exchanging parishes are now in residence.


Father John Boyle said...

Buona vacanza.

phasmidfan said...

To Father Blake,

Are those real corpses?

Michael Petek said...

I do hope the priests now in residence don't get eaten by the bull mastiffs.

Since you're going to Sicily, beware of men making you an offer you can't refuse. And if you wake up in the morning with a horse's head beside you on you're pillow, cut your holiday short and come home.

Paulinus said...

Buona vacanza.

JARay said...

Ho, ho, ho!
The Bull Mastiffs are a good idea. Your visiting clergy will enjoy taking them for walks.

Nicolo, Sicilian peasant, said...

Oh no! You are missing the debate on gay weddings in church. It's SICILY by the way. One L.