Thursday, January 05, 2012

Heating's off but look at St Augustines

At the moment the heating is off in my church and house, I'm shivering gently. I am sure it is minor and the sweet Mother of God will deal with it through a competent heating engineer. It is not just my church I'm concerned about, in fact our problems are small fry compared to St Augustine's Ramsgate.

There is a good article in the Telegraph on St Augustines.


Physiocrat said...

I was at Ramsgate last August - the town is in a desperate state. There is an elegant architectural legacy quietly decaying.

Gigi said...

I used to holiday with Mum and Dad at nearby Pegwell Bay whe I was little. With my Dad's affection for all things monastic and particularly the Benedictine Rule, I have fond memories of visiting St Augustine's. It seemed very imposing and also ethereal when I was a child and teenager. It's so sad that the whole area and St Augustine's in particular are in a state of decline. It would be wonderful if it could become a place of modern pilgrimage! But it seems like an steep uphill road at the moment.
Are you keep warm Father Ray?? Shivering gently is shivering, nonetheless.

Gigi said...

What has happened to me spelling and grammar?? I blame my cold keyboard. I could sit here in fingerless gloves but it gives me a slight Ebeneezer feel that I don't care for!

Richard said...

I just hope the man in the picture isn't the parish priest.