Thursday, May 24, 2012


Leaking systems seem to be part of Church life, reporting what Father said, even if it is totally distorted and out of context, or even in context but not weighed against a hundred other things he has also said, well, it is unpleasant, but it is life.
With any small group of people there is jockeying for position and intigue, it even happened amongst the disciples. Unfortunately it is the type of thing that puts off of Church life. I know priests who are the object of this and just opt out, or worst opt into something, in the past it used to be drink or golf, I am not quite sure what it is now, something to do with the net, maybe, or else the nice young priest becomes an obdurate dictators.

Some interesting stories have been coming from Rome about Vatican leaks, mainly to discredit the Secretary of State, shorthand presumably for weakening the Pope. What I found "intriguing" is that even Gregorian chant is bound up in the intrigue; the Secretariate of State versus the CDF, the Pope's man versus the Pope's principles.
The sad thing is that everyone involved in Church politicking most probably has very good reasons and might even be saintly but it is immensely damaging both to the Mission of the Church and to individuals. It is bad enough battling the forces of darkness outside the Church but it is the one's inside that takr up most energy.

Having said that, which taps has the super-dry Cardinal Sodano control of?


FrBT said...

When ++ Cardinal Sodano and + Archbishop S. Dziwisz (the Holy Father's - Blessed JP II - personal secretary) were robostly sweeping the Vatican corridors, and making sure that all was well or as well as could be expected, there were only a few gossip matters which circulated the walls.

That discipline has gone or been reduced. ++ Cardinal Sodano is no pussy cat. ++ Cardinal Dziwisz is now Cardinal Archbishop of his beloved Cracow in Poland.

We should remember that rumours are only rumours. Don't listen to them. Know the truth when you hear it out of the 'horse's mouth'.

Question is WHO IS THE HORSE?


FrP said...

I am concerned with the comments that has posted. I know that these are not rumours and the post is true from Lawyeratwork.

Obviously, we need to brace ourselves for more scandal.

Like Lawyeratwork, I am also disgusted with the dreadful allegations. Thank you for warning us.

Fr P

Sixupman said...

Jockeying for preferment:

Luke Delmege by Canon Sheehan a very good and instructive read.

Telemachus said...

Unfortunately, both Sodano and Dziwisz blotted their copy-books rather badly.

FrBT said...

++ Cardinal Dziwisz is a good man. I remember when he had chest pain and was diagnosed with a heart attack, even then he did not want to go to The Gemmeli and leave The Holy Father.

On certain issues he was ill advised but we all make mistakes, unless there is a reader who is in the position of casting the first stone?


shadowlands said...

"With any small group of people there is jockeying for position and intigue, it even happened amongst the disciples."

Being first means also being last in Christianity. (According to Jesus anyway)


Cosmos said...

And yet even among the 12 apostles there was jockeying. Fr. Blake is speaking of the reality of the human Church, he is not saying that this jockeying is good or what Jesus would have wanted.

Michael Petek said...

The news broke this mornin that the Holy Father had dismissed his valet for being the source of the leaks.

It was the butler whodunnit!

Rock fires Hudson. said...

Fr Ray

With regards to the 'Vati-Leaks', I am not totally surprised that this has occured, but what dismays me is the intention of the person or people who have let this happen.

I am sure that there should be some investigation with regards to this. I would also suggest that legal proceedings ought to be considered by The Holy Father.

Disclosure of private correspondance between parties should remain private. To infringe this privacy creates dreadful opportunites which may spiral out of control.

The Holy Father is entitled to his privacy and the privacy of his Office as Pope and Head of State.

Obviously the security of handling and storing of written documents, in the Vatican is questionable.

What is even more questionable is why would a priest, nun, or Vatican employee wish to leak such information, knowing the damage this may cause.

Blessed John Paul II had 27.5 years as Holy Pontiff. I do not remember documents being leaked and causing scandal, during his pontificate. But he did have Cardinal Dziwisz, who was obviously used to the dangers of ememies who wanted to harm the Holy Pope.