Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Ordinations for the Ordinariate

Monsignor Keith Newton has asked Bishop Alan Hopes will ordain candidates to the Order of Deacon for the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham in Westminster Cathedral on Saturday 26th May at 10am. All are welcome to attend what promises to be a very joyous occasion.
LATEST NEWS FROM THE ORDINARIATE The Following are Candidates for Ordination to the Priesthood 2012 08 May 2012
AISBITT Osmond John

ALLDRITT Nicholas Sebastian Fitzansculf

BENNIE Stanley James Gordon

BERRY Kenneth Percy John


CANN Christopher James

CORBYN John Robert

COPUS Brian George

GIBBONS Paul James

GILL Brian Alvan

GRIEVES Ian Leslie

GIFFIN Alan Howard Foster

GULL William John

HUNWICKE John William

MAUNDER John David

MINCHEW Donald Patrick

NARUSAWA Masaki Alec


STAFFORD David George

WATTS Franklin Charles

WESTON Ivan John
There is at least one name there that brings me a great deal of joy!


johnf said...

It gives great joy to me as well!!

surge said...

Axios! Axios!

(and also the others, too)

mike hurcum said...

Hurrah for HUNWICKE John William

carl said...

Yay for Hunwicke!

Paddy said...

I'm delighted to see Fr Hunwicke's name on that list ... no doubt that is the name that brought a smile to your face also :-) ... my prayers are with them all.

GOR said...

Yes! And about time too...

David Lindsay said...

I have known one of them for many, many years. I am delighted that he is being ordained as a Catholic priest. For the life of me, I cannot imagine what his "Anglican patrimony is. I can imagine what he would once have said to anybody who suggested that he had one.

Jack O'Malley said...

Iam diu expectamus Iohannem Hunwicke sacerdotem Ecclesiae Romanae creari, nam semper fidelis Sanctae Matri erat. Ius triumphavit! Benedicamus Domino. Deo gratias agamus. Inspiravit Spiritus Sanctus.

Now let his erudite blog be restored that the True Faith may have such an eloquent apologist.

Sue Sims said...

So - diaconate on the 26th: will ordination to the priesthood follow fairly quickly? I'm not sure how it works with the Ordinariate priests.

georgem said...

Hooray! An authentic Father Hunwicke at last. I wonder how many of us scrolled straight down to the H in the list of names. Thanks be to God for all these brave men who have eschewed personal security to heed the call.
Such a pity the ordination clashes with the Pontifical High Mass celebrated by Cardinal Burke at the Oratory.

Annie said...

At last! :)

Don Henri said...

To David Lindsay: Fr. Hunwicke said once a week at St Thomas' Oxford the Eucharist according to the 1662 Prayer Book.

Stan Metheny said...

Yes, I immediately scrolled down to H when I saw the list yesterday on the Ordinariate website. It was a joyous lift to see his name on the list.

Richard said...

Hurrah! Saw your comment at the end, and immediately scrolled back up the alphabet to H. Suspect many of your readers did the same.

Martin Bridge said...

Fr Ray So pleased to see your support for The Ordinariate! Best wishes to all candidates - and esp. for Fr John H, who has published to my delight, many jewels in his scintillating 'e-sermons' and academic online musings.

And last: PLEASE, 'Pablo the Mexican' - no more half-bonkers comment. Your last one made me think you'd been 'on the communion wine'..extra large portion.

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