Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Gift to the Ordinariate is shameful

I can't help feeling a little embarrassed that the Holy Father has donated $250,000 to the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, it is money that could have been used elsewhere. I know our bishops feel they are being generous, they gave half a million quid to start them off and have generously allowed them office space at the Square.
However as generous as the Papal gift is shames us and unless it was a gift that was given to the Pope especially for the Ordinariate and passed on shows that the Church here has not been as generous as it should have been.

Over a year on and there is still no Ordinariate Church and they are still struggling with finances, and although individual dioceses and parishes have been generous, in E&W which the Ordinariate is seen as source of augmenting diocesan clergy rather than one of the new movements that should be at the heart of the New Evangelisation.
My reading of Anglicanorum Coetibus is that rather being integrated into diocesan structures it should be outside of these in order to be an effective agent of evangelisation. Its penury keeps it pre-occupied with simply staying alive rather than being able to call others effectively into Communion with Peter.

Pray to Our Lady of Walsingham for some wealthy doners.


Jack Regan said...

I am totally in favour of the Ordinariate, but as somebody who has some little insight into the struggle that other areas of the Church have in getting funding, I am quite convinced that the £250k given to the Ordinariate at it's inception was a very generous gift on behalf of the Bishops. Other ministries in the Church have to beg, borrow and steal to get even a fraction of that.

Supporting the Ordinariate is important, but the Bishops' first responsibility must be to their own flocks.

After all, if the Ordinariate is going to keep needing more and more money from the regular Latin Rite and isn't going to be able to self-support, then that rather undermines the whole thing really. Ultimately the Ordinariate faithful must be the ones to support the Ordinariate, and if there aren't enough of them to do that, then you sort of have to wonder...

Let me say again, though, that I very much support the Ordinariate, and I will take your suggestion of praying to Our Lady of Walsingham, Father...

georgem said...

The bishops are doing what they intended to do. Squeeze the life out of the Ordinariate. They do not see it as complementary, but as a threat. It also gets one over on the Pope whose baby this is.
Many of those brave Ordinariate people have made great personal sacrifices to come to what they believed was home, only to find themselves locked out.
NB I was very disappointed that I was prevented from attending the lecture this evening. I hope it went well.

Pablo the Mexican said...

Not good news for you, Padre.

From the Holy Mother as she appeared at Quito, Ecuador four hundred years ago this past February, 2012.

Part of her message was many vocations would be lost due to the wealthy not supporting Holy Mother Church.

The approved apparition story here:


let us prepare a place worthy of the Blessed sacrament as you have done at Saint Mary Magdalene; where we cannot, let us beg forgiveness.

I entrust this whole matter in the hands of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, “Mother of the Priest par excellence, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and through Him, of all Priests in whom she forms her Son”.

Santa María de Guadalupe Esperanza nuestra, salva nuestra patria y conserva nuestra Fe.


happy pun-ter said...

I saw a member of the Anglican Ordinariate with a very greasy-looking doner once. Not sure if much came of it, but he seemed to survive the experience.

Lepanto said...

I have suggested that the Ordinary request a second collection in all churches. I hope that this will happen and that we will show generosity to these new Catholics.

Lepanto said...

The Ordinariate does not need wealthy donors it needs an annual second collection until it is established.

Lynda said...

There seems to be some jealousy or resentment against the new Ordinariate by those who are not faithful to the Church's teaching - I presume this is because it makes their disobedience more obvious.

Supertradmum said...

I am an American and where I come from, the Catholics tithe in good Biblical manner, all organized at the diocesan levels. Temporarily visiting friends in England, I have discovered that the English not only do not tithe, but are never "called" to do so, as we are. Now, even the poor tithe, really, and penshioners, with the belief that if one follows the rules of the Church, God will bless you in some way, most likely spiritual, but that is very good.

I think the Catholics in England, Scotland and Wales can learn from the Americans about tithing. Then, you would not be ashamed, Father. The rich have a duty, but so do us on the lower edges of the financial hierarchy.


I do not think we should listen to advice given by Jack Regan.

It is ironic that he whinges that 'other areas' such as his own youth ministry area have to "beg steal and borrow" when he will not pro-actively support World Youth Day coming to Britain, which is the one thing that will filter money from the bishops to his ministry.

I have headline news for you Jack. The ordinariate is 100% part of the bishops flock.

Faithful Catholics have prayed the Prayer for England for 100 years so that the Anglicans would be re-united with the Catholic Church. After all those many thousands of prayers we now have to support the ordinariate.

Anonymous said...

The Ordinariate is a part of the Catholic Church and is the result of years of heartfelt prayers for unity.No-one knew how it might come about but surely now every Catholic can see it ! All of us should be helping it finacially - the idea of a national second collection for the Ordinariate is a brilliant one.


Anonymous said...

News for Jack Regan: The ordinariate are part of our flock...as OraPN said 100% of our flock. Not only do the Bishop's have a responsibility for them but we each do as our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Supporting the vision of our Holy Father and praying for the conversion of England is standard for any faithful Catholic in England. I might add praying for Jack's conversion to the list too


Anonymous said...

I share your concern that the Ortdinariate can lose its purpose by being integrated into Dioceses, or by being used as a means of augmenting a dwindling number of Diocesan clergy

Deacon Joe Kurowski said...

Just a thought... the Holy father has money at his disposal for uses that he deems worthy.... It's not shameful to support those within the household of the faith! I trust the Holy Father's decision... at what do you know about the intentions of the giver? Don't call something "shameful" unless you have more facts! I personally think it's shameful that you don't trust the Holy Father's decision. It's shameful to judge... remember.. the measure with which you measure shall be measured back to you.

Deacon Joe

Fr Ray Blake said...

What is shameful is not the Holy Father's generosity but the Church here's meaness.

I am ashamed of our lack of generosity.

Anonymous said...

My reply to Jack Regan;
The Flame Youth Day at Wembley cost a lot more for the day. Invocation is coming up and, whilst I understand it has much better content , it caters for relatively few.
Catholic churches are still being closed and sold.
We need priests. Ordinariate priests are Catholic priests and, in addition, those I have met have been very inspiring.
Your post has certainly made me reflect that we should send them money.
Catholic Mother

Anonymous said...

In reply to Ora Pro Nobis:

Jack Regan does not mention youth ministry in his post. As for the suggestion that he is 'whinging', maybe you should read the link regarding on-line comment that Fr. Ray published earlier in the week.

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