Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle, S. Alfonso Maria de' Liguori

From starry skies descending,
Thou comest, glorious King,
A manger low Thy bed,
In winter's icy sting;
O my dearest Child most holy,
Shudd'ring, trembling in the cold!
Great God, Thou lovest me!
What suff'ring Thou didst bear,
That I near Thee might be!
Thou art the world's Creator,
God's own and true Word,
Yet here no robe, no fire
For Thee, Divine Lord.
Dearest, fairest, sweetest Infant,
Dire this state of poverty.
The more I care for Thee,
Since Thou, o Love Divine,
Will'st now so poor to be.


Genty said...

Thank you for the reality check, Father, and for your honest internet-evangelism. May the Holy Family grant you and everyone a blessed and peaceful Christmas.

umblepie said...

Thanks for your many thoughtful posts Father, they are an inspiration. Wishing you a very happy Christmas and blessed New Year.

Jeremiah Methuselah said...

It is a very beautiful ceremony. Thank you for posting it.
And a very Merry Christmas Father Ray.

Pax--Tecum said...

Reverend Father,

A merry Christmas! May Christ, the Infant King, bless you with His grace!

In Christo et Maria,

Unknown said...

A blessed Christmas and a very Happy New Year Father Blake. Thanks for you support throughout the year.

Cettis Warbler said...

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas.

Supertradmum said...

Dear Father, thank you for all your ministries and may God bless you in a special way this Christmas.

JARay said...

God bless you and a very Happy Christmas.
As it is, I will be in your blighted land throughout most of January. I am not looking forward to the cold weather. I see that you have storms at the moment. I fear that my plane may fly into them! Fortunately my plane flies into Manchester and not ThiefRow.

Liam Ronan said...

May God's peace which passeth all understanding be with you, Father! Thank you so much for your spiritual and timely posts! I keep you in my daily prayers. Happy Christmas.

Chrissy said...

I wish you a happy and holy Christmas Father,and I look forward to reading more of your blogs .

Pelerin said...

Thank you Father for putting up this carol - the haunting melody is so beautiful and I had no idea it was written by a saint. I actually preferred it to this years Latin entrance psalm which accompanied Pope Francis entrance last night.

Did anyone notice the Bambino this year was different from the one last year?

I echo the other commenters in thanking you for your blog - for those of us on our own especially your varied posts are most welcome.

The letters we have to type to prove we are not robots seem to be clearer now and I am surprised to see that there is an actual word this time - Alencon which was the birthplace of Ste Therese of Lisieux.

smoothvelvet said...

Since the first time I hear this Glorious Hymn it midnight Mass with Our Holy Father John Paul & Pope Benedict XVI I have love it as one of the fines hymn I have every hear, I would love to have a copy of the hymn if any one can give me info where once would buy it I would love it buy it?

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