Saturday, February 01, 2014

Our Lady, Destroyer of All Heresies

Here is sermon by Fr Marcus Holden, the illustrious Parish Priest of St Augustine's Ramsgate, The sermon is splendid, the sound quality is bit difficult but struggle with it, it is well worth it.
Perhaps in this time when many feel called action, Fr Holden issues a call to faith, Our Lady's great call to us too.


Nicolas Bellord said...

Yes this was indeed a wonderful sermon preached to some 2,000 people at the Day with Mary on 25th January. Many thanks Father for the opportunity to hear it again and give it a wider audience. Here there is Bishop material!

umblepie said...

Thanks Father for posting this fine sermon.

Genty said...

Yes, indeed. A proper sermon of intelligence, passion and logic. You know this priest believes without equivocation. No coughing, no fidgeting among the congregation. QED.
Let's pray the Nuncio holds sway with the Congregation for Bishops that we may have such men raised to the episcopate.

viterbo said...

God bless Fr Marcus for teaching the Faith, and not handing up ten suggestions why it really doesn't matter.

also God bless -a sturdy, strong apostolate in the Faith. Lots of history that shows us where we have come from so that we might understand a bit about the mess we are in.

Thank you for posting this, Father. I have to rely on internet homilies to teach me the Faith. If, at a Sunday homily everythings going fine, understand that, ok, strange analogy, can think of several stories of the Saints who could have illustrated it without refering to false faith....but...and on, then, usually, there's the one heretical hammer that makes me forget the rest, and wish more Priests knew what the Truth was.

Fr Holden's sermon really is 'solid food'. Something that can sustain grown ups who have been stuck in the limbo and needing to put away childish things, but with no sturdy tradition overseeing the Mass to turn to to grow up.

David Joyce said...

My wife is just loving the sermons on this site:

Solid and practical sermons from 2003 to the present.

Pelerin said...

My thanks for posting this Father. I had been up in London that morning and on calling in to the Cathedral later was surprised to see it so packed as I did not know about the event. I came in towards the end of the homily and had no idea who was preaching so eloquently so I was pleased to be able to listen here to it all.

A jolly West Indian lady next to me offered to share her hymn booklet and I was most impressed with her singing. At the Ave Verum she noticed I was struggling as the tune used was not the one with which I was familiar. She whispered kindly 'it's in Latin you know' which she and seeminglyly everyone there had no trouble with.

Glad to listen to this sermon - it makes up for one I sat through this weekend but which I gleaned almost nothing as the accoustics were so bad and by the faces around me together with the whispered comments and smiles I was not alone!

English Catholic said...

I say a decade of the rosary every day for the Nuncio, and so should your readers. We need men like Fr Holden to be made bishops.

Nicolas Bellord said...

There is another video from that Day With Mary at:

And by the way Father Volpi has been forced to withdraw his accusation of embezzlement of FFI property by the founder's family. What remains of his case against the FFI?

Kristin LA said...

What a blessing you have in this priest. Queen of the Clergy, please give us many more holy priests and bishops!