Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Extraordinary Form of the Mass and the Evangelization of the Culture

There is extraordinary post, in several senses of the word, by Mgr Pope on the Washington Archdiocesan website: The Extraordinary Form of the Mass and the Evangelization of the Culture.


Terry Nelson said...

Monsignor's post is very good and helpful. Personally I was wondering why those who are devoted to the Extraordinary Form are not as welcomed by hierarchy and faithful with as much enthusiasm as the so-called new movements - Communion and Liberation, Focolare, Neocatechumenate, Charismatic Renewal and so on.

viterbo said...

' In arguing this, one need not take the view that the usus antiquior should be the only form of the Roman Rite … The older and newer forms … Should be mutually enriching.'

Sadly Montini's 'smoke of satan' revolution means that many Catholics are stuck with the clown rather than the alter Christus on that continuum.

JARay said...

I have long been a reader and supporter of Mgr. Charles Pope's blog.

Anonymous said...

Mr Nelson, I presume that question is but a rhetorical flourish?

Pablo the Mexican said...

May Our Lady and her Son continue to lead you away from apostate Rome and closer into the bosom of Holy Mother Church, the Remnant.

Always keep a Mass Kit at the ready and an extra Cassock for the day your Bishop and fellow Priests chase you from your city, hurling stones at you for standing on Truth.

You always have a place to reside in pabloville.


Fr Ray Blake said...

Shhhhh! They might here you and get ideas!