Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Washington Vespers

This is a rather nice video of Vespers from Holy Comforter - St. Cyprian Catholic Church, Washington DC. Music was provided by Third Practice in collaboration with Chorus Sine Nomine. Music also includes Beatis videamus by Joshua Bornfield. The celebrant is Fr James Bradley, it just shows what is possible, without very extensive resources but a will to give God the best human beings can give. One of the singers used to help us out from time to time before her return to the US. Tonight, here, for our Lenten EF Missa Cantata it is just a little Byrd and Lotti's Miserere, no original instruments, alas!

1 comment:

David O'Neill said...

Hopefully God will forgive His Church for allowing such magnificent adoration to be lost. 2 hours og heaven!!

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