Saturday, April 04, 2015

Christ has Won the Victory

I have had a long acquaintance with the devil, I have known him all my life, in a way longer than I have known Jesus Christ, He is frightening and he loves to frighten, he gives the impression of invincible power, to the point where even the strong are often overcome by him.

Those who know him well, know that much of his power is illusion. He works on our imagination, reminding us of the past, of sins we have long been forgiven for, he loves to remind us of his past victories and of our past failures. He delights in destroying hope and imprisoning us in the past, reminding us of the impossibility of escape from the circle of weakness, he likes to tell us we are what we are, and can never escape being his.

Christ the mighty One has set forth with the triumphal banner of the Cross, through humanity, through death he has descended, he has broken down the gates of hell, trampled underfoot the manacles and chains of Satan. He has lead our first parents out of their dark prison into the wonderful light of his victory. Satan is bound, hell is overcome, Satan's illusionary pomp is destroyed by the reality of Christ's victory.

Until the end of time Satan is bound and imprisoned, he dwells in our imagination, creating his palaces and castles out of smoke, out of our fear. Rightly is he called the Father of Lies, his power is in everything that this false and untruthful, as with Eve and Adam he uses our imagination against us. But truth has overcome falsehood, Life has destroyed Death, Light has swallowed up darkness, Hope has replaced despair.

Christ is the future, Satan is the past. The battleground is the present, for those with faith they already see the victory is won and live in hope and triumph in charity.


umblepie said...

Thank you Father, for this inspirational post. Wishing you all Easter blessings.

Liam Ronan said...

Thank you, Father. I needed that reminder for my sins are ever before my eyes. May the Joy of the Risen Lord be yours this Easter and hereafter.

Frederick Jones said...

According to the book approved for use by the Ordinariate it requires of the Almighty "great marvels" to do anything about the clergy. ( Customary of Our Lady of Walsingham p 48 A Prayer for the
Clergy and People).

Paul Hellyer said...

So very true. Thank you Father for that. Happy Easter to you.

JARay said...

Regina Caeli, Laetare, Alleluia
Queen of Heaven, Rejoice, Alleluia
Quia, quem meruisti portare, Alleluia
Since he whom you were deemed worthy to carry, Alleluia
Resurexit, sicut dixit, Alleluia
He has risen, just as he said, Alleluia
Ora pro nobis Deo, Alleluia
Pray for us to God, Alleluia

I know this off by heart and I know the music off by heart too.

Fr. Marc said...

Dominus surrexit vere! Alleluia! Happy Easter, Fr. Ray! And thank you for everything you do for us! Fr. Marc

gemoftheocean said...
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gemoftheocean said...

Thank you Father. Happy Easter to you. Good reminder about Satan trying to get us to beat ourselves up over and over for sins of the past that we've repented for. The hope of Christ risen triumphs over all.

alban said...

Beautifully expressed, Fr. Blake.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

That's the Truth. Thank you Father. Happy Easter.

Unknown said...

This is profound and so well written, Father Ray, and is particularly powerful on the role of imagination and the importance of avoiding being trapped in the past.

Brendan said...

"He works on our imagination, reminding us of the past, of sins we have long been forgiven for, he loves to remind us of his past victories and of our past failures."

How very true.

NBW said...

Wonderful post Father! Thank you and Happy Easter!

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