Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Minority Interest

Living in Brighton I was a bit shocked when a friend, a priest in central London, said that he had been talking to his godson who is in his his twenties and works in the City, apparently not only did he not have any homosexual friends but actually didn't know any either.

The Irish Association of Catholic Priests, not the most loyally Catholic of 'Catholic' groups, has produced some reflection material for the Irish referendum on marriage which take place on Friday and produced the statistics below. As a group of priests they don't seem to come down on either side, and seem happy to promote both sides, but it is the figures which I find interesting.

It is worth realising quite what a minority the LCBT community is despite its incredible strength in the arts, media and politics, and most especially as a lobby group, and the incredibly large amount of money western governments put into their cause. In the US it is less than 3.5% and in the UK even less.
We don’t have Irish statistics that I know of. The U.S. Department of Health did a survey of Sexual Orientation and Health Among U.S. Adults: National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), 2013. The survey of 34,557 adults aged 18 or over was published July 2014. They were asked: “Which of the following best represents how you think of yourself?”’ The replies were: Straight 96.6 %. Lesbian or Gay 1.6 %. Bisexual 0.7 %.UK statistics in 2013 are lower. The Integrated Household Survey (2013) found 1.2% of adults identified themselves as gay or lesbian; 0.5% of adults identified themselves as bisexual.If the US percentages are similar for Ireland, we may project the following numbers of people, based on the 2011 Census: Total population 4,588,252. Of these, 3,439,565 were aged 18 or over.We may then estimate the following aged 18 or over: Lesbian or Gay: 55,033; Bisexual: 24,076. Total: 55,033+24,076 = 79,109.The Central Statistics Office (CSO) for Ireland reported that in 2013 there were 20,680 marriages registered in the State, and 338 Civil Partnerships, making a total of 21,018. The 338 Civil Partnerships are 1.61 percent of the total. The percentages may help in having an idea of how many people in your local parish or area identify as Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual – that is, if numbers are evenly distributed around the country. It is possible that the percentages are higher in urban areas and lower in rural areas, due to migration.Same-sex couples: statistics for Ireland:According to the 2011 Census, there were 4,042 same sex couples living together in 2011. Of these, 2,321 (57.4%) were male while 1,721 (42.6%) were female. These 4,042 same-sex couples are 0.34 per cent of families in the State. The Census was taken on 10 April 2011, so we do not know how many of those 4,042 same-sex couples in the 2011 Census are included in the total of 1304 Civil Partnerships registered 2011 – 2013.According to the CSO, the number of same sex couples living with one or more children was 230 (reply received from the CSO in March 2015). This is 5.69% of all same-sex couples.


Highland Cathedral said...

Despite the clear evidence of unbiased, neutral statistics, organisations such as LGBT Scotland are pushing the lie that the percentage is between five and seven per cent. This is then used by other organisations such as the NHS and local Councils.

euouae said...

But surely this is wonderful news Father! The homosexualists are so thin on the ground that even with their so called "marriages" they cannot make the slightest difference to our society. So please can we just relax and stop posting these alarming comments! My only qualm is ... in the last general election so many people lied to the pollsters and claimed they were labour voters with a social conscience when in fact..

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as "a homosexual person". It simply does not exist, objectively. It is a subjective (disordered and immoral) choice that a person may make or not make about themselves and then attempt to force others to accept that decision as reflecting some objective reality. It is a diabolic lie. If a person has had sexual attraction to a person or persons of the same sex, he knows that is wrong and ought not adopt an identity of intrinsic evil but privately seek to overcome these temptations (as all of us should do if battling desires to do evil). One ought not to know about another's private sins, much less their struggle with avoiding occasion of sodomitical sin. The scandal caused by intentionally claiming to be naturally oriented to intrinsic evil, is much greater than giving in to evil desires to relate sexually with a person of the same sex, and thereafter repent, and try again to avoid committng such sin again, and carefully avoiding scandalising others, leading them astray morally.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

Talk about disproportinate represtentation. The lgbt-ists are operating as a despotic oligarchy, then.

BJC said...

Another statistic worth considering is that the majority of LGBT couples with children are lesbian. I've seen the figure 80% quoted a few times in newspaper articles, but I can't find the source. Either way it's probably safe to say majority.

Gatepost productions said...

The stats seem to reflect my own experiences. After 25 years in HM Forces in the company of, and close proximity to, men, often in worrying circumstances when a human comforting relationship might have helped; only twice did I ever meet a homosexual. On both occasions the shock and feeling of betrayal to 'the rest of us' was considerable. That's the way it was back then. I assume there would be acceptance these days.

Cosmos said...

The polite Catholic press and many conservative pundits act as if the accommodating views of Catholic bishops are driven by misplaced mercy, a desire to appease the culture, or a misunderstanding of the underlying anthropology. That impression may be created by Pope Francis, but I don't think it is what is created by most priests and bishops.

Instead, it seems to me that average people view the pro-LGBT clergy much more cynically. I believe that they create an impression that they are interested in normalizing homosexuality either: (1) for personal reasons (i.e., they, themselves, are homosexual themselves) or (2) for career advancement/security reasons (they believe it is what will impress their superiors).

And when a person embraces or refuses to condemn a position that is in obvious contradiction to the tradition they claim to uphold and serve, they look like hypocrites who are milking that institution for their own purposes.

In other words, the bishops most often appear to be sycophants, homosexuals, or both.

John Kearney said...

Although small in number I think we should start thinking of gays with compassion. Any Catholic family could suddenly find they have a son who is struggling with same-sex attraction. But the kind of language he hears around him could drive him into the lifestyle he does not want. Sometimes we get wrapped up in putting forward that homosexuality is sinful, not natural, sodomy that to a young person who through no fault of his own is struggling with these feelings, we become the people they certainly would not want to turn to for help. I suggest that we need a lot of reflection here because it just may be that we drove someone who could have been helped into that lifestyle.

TLMWx said...

You don't spend 100's millions on minority interest groups. These groups play the role of Lenin's "useful idiots".

Dr Frederick Jones said...

Im puzzled that nobody seems to make the darwinian case against the practice of homosexuality and same-sex "marriage". Both are inimical to the continuance of the race.Indeed Darwin is on record as a supporter of traditional marriage which produced children.

Im also puzzled about how the concept of equality can be applied to objectively different relationships.

Jacobi said...

It will be interesting to see how the Irish referendum goes. Given the mess the Church in Ireland is in at present I suppose the outcome is inevitable.

Homosexuality within society and the Church has always existed and exercised an influence out of all proportion to its tiny numbers in society.

Benedict commented clearly on this, and Francis has recently openly admitted it. The best survey by far is that by Fr Dariusz Oko, “With the Pope against Homoheresy”, April 2012. Much of this “lobby” is now in alliance with those in the Church who wish to attack marriage and the Real Presence.

The sad thing is that this approach does nothing for those Catholics who heroically hold to chastity, whatever their inclinations.

But so much of the Church, laity and clergy, has become so secularised.

TLMWx said...

If it is contrary to reason that is because it is. Therefore rational arguments are ineffective because the behaviour is driven by an unreasonable will.

Preventing birth seems to be the big idea aggressively financed and pushed across the globe. Many victims of this global policy simply occupy the role of Lenin's "useful idiots". So called sexual orientation and gender issues are all a smokescreen.

We all know for a fact that our sexual organs are for sexual reproduction.

We know for a fact that people can be manipulated to will another use for this faculty against natural reason.

We know for a fact that there is a well funded global policy promoting this manipulation.

TLMWx said...

God knows how we have voted, we certainly do not. That is all that matters and all we can be certain about.

gemoftheocean said...

The only ones I knew in the US were connected with theatre.

gemoftheocean said...

Lynda, it DOES make a difference, in that children up for adoption will be hurt. EVERY child should have a mom and a dad. Two of the same sex doesn't cut it. It's not fair to children exposed to it.

Supertradmum said...

One must read After the Ball, published in which the agenda of the pro-gay lobby was set forth. The ideal is to change society, a la Gramsci, in order to break down democracy and usher in a new age of one nation which will persecute Christians.

The persecution of Christians is already happening. Some people, such as Christians bakers, photographers and florists have been fined here in the States for not selling their goods for gay weddings. Priests will be asked to do marriages, then fined, or put in jail.

It all happened before under Henry VIII in England, and over marriage, and it will happen again in most of the West.

This is planned. Here in the States, there is a lot of money in the gay lobby.

Two lesbians lived across from me in Illinois and now there is a house of gay guys across the street in my new neighborhood. Once something is allowed, it will become more and more obvious, like the two ladies kissing out in their front yard.

I am glad I am getting old, to be honest. The age of the martyrs is coming. Already a statesman in Idaho has said he will put in jail any minister who fails to do same sex marriages. And yet, the governor is against it.

We are in for it. Read Gramsci on my blog. This has been brewing for years.

Supertradmum said...

John Kearney

The American Medical Association and the Australian one could not find a gene for gayness. No one is free from concupiscience to sin. We all have some attraction to sin, but that does not mean we have to sin. God gives sufficient grace to ALL people to live a life of goodness. And, we all have free will.

One does not have to identify with any sin. One does not have to identify with gayness. One can have an attraction, but that is not the same as sinning.

We are all called to be saints, and this call involves suffering, denying ourselves, turning towards God and relying on Him.

We can accept the sinner but we must not tolerate sin. I suggest you read the Catechism section on sin, which I highlighted on my blog today. This CCC section is very good.

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