Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Evangelising: Relics of Bl Louis and Zelie Martin visit

I like this idea, it is of course the good Bishop Egan's idea.

If you are preparing for a Synod on the family, if you are intent on raising the profile of the family in your diocese, if you want to evangelise, if you want to get to think about growing in holiness, if you find yourself in a situation where the government and practically every other political spend their time inventing Frankensteinian experiments with the family and children's futures then get the saints of God involved.

Portsmouth and Plymouth dioceses are getting the relics of Bl Louis and Zelie Martin, the parents of St Therese of Lisieux to tour the diocese. When their daughter's relics came Bishop Hollis, the former bishop, said it was the most significant occasion in his episcopate, the cathedral was crowded throughout the day and night, and wherever the relics went huge crowds followed.

They begin their UK tour on the 15th May, this Friday, by going to Plymouth Cathedral and then to Dorchester, on the 18th - 20th May where I know Fr John Rice is absolutely  delighted to welcome both the relics and pilgrims. From the Thursday 20th they go to Southampton, then Portsmouth and finishing up at Reading on Friday 22 May.

If you can get to venerate these relics do.

I just think it is such a simple idea, not a great complicated strategy or programme, I like the idea of God and his saints being expected to do the work of evangelising, I suspect he is probably better at it than us.


Nicolas Bellord said...

A wonderful idea.

Nicolas Bellord said...

Out here in Portugal we have the statue of Our Lady of Fatima touring our diocese of Viseu - thousands turned out on the 13th for a torchlight procession. In our parish we have a pastoral visit lasting eight days - Bishop preaches in a different chapel every day and much eating, drinking, flower strewn paths and fireworks to welcome him. Marvellous!

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

I like the idea too. When I lived in England, visiting the relics of St Therese was, unexpectedly, a time of 'evangelisation' for myself and those I knew who were way less sympathetic (that I shared it with). Our forebears in Faith were not gits, goobahs or satanists - they knew how Truth lived as a narrative in the lives of those who sought Truth. You can't hide that light of Truth under a 'bushel', any more than the sun.

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