Sunday, May 01, 2016


Yesterday was the annual St Margaret Clitheroe Procession and Mass in York, it was a nasty wet day, not a day for the best vestments to be out. Attendance was down, so what is interesting is youth of those attending. There are obviously people of all ages but it is the number of younger people that is significant. Here is a link to picture file.


Long-Skirts said...


A girl, a lady,
Wife, a mother,
From church of England
She saw the other.

The other where
Her church came from.
The other where
The fruit was plumb.

The other where
Her church beat down
And looted jewels
For earthly crown.

And watching, she
Was irritated
And slowly grew

Sitting silent
In her shell
Her home a place
Where priests could dwell,

Confect the Mass,
Many saved,
For this their limbs
And lives were braved.

Because a woman
Kept her shell
A jealous fortress
Barring hell.

And then the weak
Pried open wide
Exposing truth
The shell’s inside

Where mother, wife,
Lady, girl
Had turned into
York’s royalist pearl.

Celia said...

I could only stay for the Mass, but yes, I noticed the number of young people. Which is encouraging when it's a struggle in my diocese to attract young people to the EF.

JARay said...

I clicked on your link and simply got "Facebook". Now, I have nothing to do with Facebook and I don't want anything to do with Facebook so I could not see the photographs. I do know St. Wilfred's church in York and I am very familiar with the chapel of St. Margaret Clitheroe in The Shambles. I have been there many times. It is really part of my heritage. I even served two years National Service in the RAF just out of York (much to my surprise). I could not have been posted closer to home! I'm a Yorkshireman. I am very pleased to read that there were many young people at this event.

Gabriel Syme said...

The day went very well, the mass was beautiful and Fr Henry's homily was first rate.

What a beautiful Church St Wilfrids is. (My only complaint about dual rite Churches is about those silly tables which block the altars and can partially obscure what the priest is doing. Get rid of the tables!)

Some friends and I traveled from Scotland to take part. When we arrived in York that morning, it was glorious sunshine, so we left our rain jackets and umbrellas in the Car.

But during the procession, it rained mercilessly and we were drookit (to use a Scots adjective). My jumper must have held kilos of water. But any thoughts of self-pity quickly melted away when St Margaret's ordeal was called to mind.

We were very glad to have made the trip.

St Margaret Clitherow, Pray for us!

Anonymous said...

And not a Praise song or a Hillsong in sight and still young people in attendance. this is what the Modernists dont get -or like -the appeal to and of Tradition ,where Christ speaks to people.

Jacobi said...

Yes a good age mix, as it should be.

Last Sunday I was at the New Mass. I saw one new unattached "young" male ,i.e.,between sixteen and say 45, the future of the Church, there. the other one often there was not! When I get to the Gregorian Mass, numbers are holding, the age spread is good, and getting younger as the oldies decline.

John Fisher said...

Meanwhile Francis has rock singer concert in Sistine Chapel. Just as in the Renaissance we are being betrayed from above.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

A pictures say a thousand ...

Pope Saint Pius V, pray for us.