Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Need for Judgement

Just to prove I am still alive, thanks for the enquiries, Mgr Pope, always a good read, makes a point about fraternal correction and how essential it is to the life of the Church.

Nowadays those loathe to make a judgement about the moral behaviour of an individual quote the Pope's, 'Who am I to judge' remark, they forget the second part of what he said which qualified the first part, which is itself a very clear judgement, 'if they are seeking God'. In this particular case His Holiness has the individual is seeking God, even if it is in a rather chaotic lifestyle.

I am not exactly sure the Pope's remarks are always wise but here they remind us that the search for God itself 'justifies' us sinners, we are not after all Gradualists. The problem of scandal remains, we cannot lose souls simply because we are afraid to correct one another.

Perhaps the big problem in the Church today is that Christians are so tolerant that we have almost become amoral, or at least so tolerant of sin that we have nothing to say to sinners.


gemoftheocean said...

Well, I took a so-called !"human rights lawyer" to task for her support of abortion and got "unfriended" on facebook for my trouble, but frankly, I was surprised she hadn't "unfriended" me sooner in the discussion.

No loss really -- but I feel justified in having warned her her soul was in danger...as well as those of her children for setting such an example to them. I asked her how she'd react if one of her 4 children decided to become an abortionist. And that's about when I got "unfriended."

Jacobi said...

Judgement is essential for all thinking Catholics. Condemnation in some cases. Otherwise we neglect our Catholic duty.

The Western World in the past 50 years has rejected Christianity after accepting it, with inevitable disagreements, for some 19 centuries. A major reason for this has been the recent silence of the Church. And worse, a distinct leaning towards the World instead of the other way.

As with a current matter in the press today. If something is not against the “Law”, it's OK. Morality no longer seems to come into it. Catholics, lay, clergy and bishops are noticeable only by their silence.

Nicolas Bellord said...

Lack of correction just allows people to go down the slippery path to Hell. It is going to be interesting to see whether Keith Vaz resigns to-day or not or whether he remains and his behaviour is tolerated and society takes another step down that path.

Jeremiah Methuselah said...

@gemoftheocean : "With friends like that ...."
Just be brave man. Lol.

gemoftheocean said...

@Jeremiah -- yup, a bunch of her friends jumped to her defense, but I wasn't backing down. If what I said gave even one of them a twinge, GOOD.

The Way of Dodo said...

The Catholic Encyclopedia cautions that we may not all be competent to perform four of the seven Spiritual Works of Mercy i.e. instructing the ignorant, counseling the doubtful, admonishing sinners, and comforting the afflicted.

Why? Because these works may require a superior level of authority or knowledge, and/or an extraordinary use of tact.

Liam Ronan said...

I recall a theological concept, i.e. "Fundamental Option", condemned by Pope St. John Paul II (paragraphs 65-70)in Veritatis Splendor issued 06 August 1993:


Dangerous bit of business being bandied about at present by those of the hierarchy who are responsible for the salvation of souls through the Truth that is Christ.

JARay said...

I am one of those many parents who are almost in dispair over the conduct of their offspring. On the one hand we love them so very dearly but on the other hand we none of us want to watch on at the Last Day to see one or other of them cast into Hell because they have failed to live by the precepts which we did try to teach them!
Should we provoke a row? What will we gain if we do? I plead and plead and plead for mine. I know God hears me but He probably holds back because He gave each of us Free Will and He will never take that away.

PAPALCount said...

In our approach to one who needs admonishment we must first pray for guidance, be ever charitable and gentle. Say what needs to be said calmly, gently and without rancor or any type of row. Then leave it to God. Love the person as always. You said what needed to be said. no need to rehash and say it over and over....that can be counterproductive. Be a gentle invitation to better choices. And please, be exemplary yourself. Be an authentic witness to what the Truth.

Liam Ronan said...

I empathize entirely with you, JARay, and your anxiety. May I suggest one or two things as one parent to another? As parents, God gives us the graces necessary to instruct and counsel our children. Trust Him, as Saint Monica did, to provide that which is necessary for salvation through your good offices even if it takes time. Recall Dismas, the Good Thief. Perhaps God is strying you to strengthen your own Faith. One neve knows and it is best not to second guess why God permits some situations to persist.

For my part, in the same straights as you JARay, I had a Mass of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary (EF) offered for my family three years ago. As the head of the famiiy and 'head of the domestic church' I believe God will not have refused my request for this consecration of all.

Did I have a miracle resulting? Not so far as my eyes could see, but then I am content to allow God to work his miracles interiorly. To paraphrase the words of St. Thomas More 'He will not refuse one so blythe' as to trust in completely Trust in Him.'

I'll keep you and yours in my prayers. Peace.

Jeremiah Methuselah said...

gemoftheocean : Yes, I agree completely. If just one single person opens their eyes ... it's well worth the trouble. It's one main reason for responding to certain posts.

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