Tuesday, November 08, 2016

A Choice Between Monsters!

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For Americans a choice between two monsters, one perhaps just marginally lest monstrous than the other.
In nearby Lewes "Dave" Cameron our former Prime Minister who resigned after Brexit, was burnt in effigy at the Lewes Guy Fawkes Night festivities.
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They burnt the Pope too, but they always do, more-or-less ever since 13 Protestants were executed under good Queen Mary. For Americans Lewes was the home of Thomas Paine.
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Bad leadership seems to be a mark of the 21st Century, perhaps it ever was but I suspect in the Church the further we distance ourselves from what Jesus explicitly teaches, the worst leaders will get and as in the Church so in Western society.


Solitary Sojourning said...
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John Fisher said...

Burning an effigy of the Pope. Can't anyone complain to the Equality and Human Rights Commission?

Mary said...

They both.. suck! But I see a deepily disturbing undercurrent on the net called "democracy the god that died". Are we tired? Because the Americans aren't and that is what makes them great... or fallen if they get tired.
One of these 2 is still worse than the other. May they choose rightly, today we celebrate the Holy Archangels and their Army.
If we give it up than we will feel blessed by the crowning of the Antichrist, whose incoronation is imminent but the prophecies do not say that people's actions can control that event into happening or not. Considering this, if I were American I would pick the most chaotic one. I have no clue as to which is which. May the Archangels guide USA to vote for the one who will pose the biggest problems for the king of evil who will be law soon.
Walk without a rhythm so you won't attract the worm. And also may they keep their hearts high because Ach's "daddy" feeds upon desperation.
All is not lost!

Nicolas Bellord said...

Anyone who is interested in the abortion debate in the USA and looks at the blogs such as Lifesitenews will have the impression that the debate has been a major issue with voters in the election. Bishops have warned that one should not vote for a pro-abortion candidate and one priest has said it would be a mortal sin to do so. And yet if you have followed the campaign on the BBC or ITV there is not one single mention of the abortion issue or any religious issue. They are in complete denial about it. Are they not giving an extremely partial view of the campaign? Could it be that their coverage of Donald Trump is equally partisan?

It was interesting that it was announced that there was a large turnout of Latinos in Florida and this was taken as meaning a good thing for Hillary Clinton. In the event the commentator subsequently suggested that at least 30% of them must have voted for Trump. Could they have been Catholics voting against Hillary's policies on abortion?

Sixupman said...

As one baker said to the other: as a choice it must be the lesser of the two weevils!

John Fisher said...

I enjoyed seeing some silly people in the unthinking media look so desolated and stunned by Trumps election. It was like Nazis or those that just went along learning the fuhrer was dead. We are so manipulated by false information in polls and the politically correct no memory fashion victim media that tries to manipulate everything and information so as to win like those old war propaganda movies. People are sick of the immoral system. What is interesting is the reason some come up with Hilary's loss. One I laugh at his here being a woman. One woman I always feel sorry for is Queen Mary... I don't think being female had anything to do with Hilary's loss. I saw on a government webpage 170 million babies worldwide have been aborted since 1994. 170 million! It's an atrocity and we are blood covered. The Us for some insane reason has allowed China to grow ar it's expense? Why is free trade so good? So more expensive more affluent countries can be stripped of jobs and capital that flees to exploit cheaper countries?

Brian said...

They certainly wouldn't be burning am effigy of Muhammad!!

Pelerin said...

Nicolas Bellord has pointed out the seemingly complete lack of information regarding Hillary Clinton's support for abortion in the British media. In articles I have read discussing why she lost, her support for abortion does not seem to even get a mention. Indeed a Catholic friend who does not follow any Catholic blogs online had no idea about her support in this direction.

What has horrified me is the overwhelming delight in Trump's win by various American blogging Priests together with those who comment on them. Because of Clinton's continuing support on abortion they have supported Trump who has been quoted as saying 'he hates abortion but remains pro-choice and would not ban it.' So they are in effect both pro-choice.

It does seem strange that in Britain Catholics have traditionally voted Labour whereas in the US it would appear that they vote Conservative however obnoxious the canditate may be.

GOR said...

As an expatriate Irishman in the US, it was a constant source of annoyance to me that Bill Clinton was so glowingly received in Ireland and Europe in general. He was a disgrace. His wife is no better and, arguably, worse.

The trail of double-dealing, malfeasance, outright lying and graft by the Clinton clan and their ‘charitable’ Foundation was also a disgrace. Hillary’s support for – and endorsement by – the abortion factory Planned Parenthood should have been reason enough for Catholics to avoid her like the plague.

At least Trump is pro-life and is his own man. The establishment, party machines, dishonest pollsters and the mainstream media got it wrong and lost big time. Not to mention our fickle ‘allies’.

Mary said...

Actually Trump did say he was against abortion and will bring pro-life judges only in the Supreme Court.
Some people have completely lost it just because Trump won over this issue...

What has human rights to do with abortion rights? It's beyond my comprehension.

These my sisters in Eve are very cold imho. Ice cold. It used to be give your life so your kid can live well and now it's my kid has to give their life up for me so I can have what I was brainwashed to believe is a good life. What is a good life after all? Does Trump have a good life? Does Hillary? What is the standard so I can compare?

Pelerin said...

On 'The Beaker Folk...' blog (linked from Valle Adurni) there is a post headed 'Thoughtful pastoral post in response to the election of Donald Trump.'

When you scroll down there are just two words - 'Stone me!'

Sandpiper said...

Cubans, who live in Florida, and are of course Hispanic, generally vote Republican.

You British Islanders don't understand the nuances of why Trump, despite the unctuous narcissist that he is, was the only moral choice. Twenty pro-life Supreme Court candidates have been vetted by his staff and he promises to fill empty court positions with one of them. Secondly, he will uphold the Hyde Amendment prohibiting funding of abortions abroad--Hillary vowed to abolish it. Thirdly, he will abolish a 1960s gag order put on churches by Lyndon Johnson prohibiting the preaching of partisan politics from the pulpit lest they lose tax exempt status. Johnson enacted that as revenge for a pastor who blasted him from the pulpit. Lastly, Trump will protect home schoolers.

It is very distressing to read how biased and uninformed your opinions are regarding Trump. You need to start reading Father Z., The American Catholic, Catholics for Trump. I will send a fine link on how profound this win is for Catholicism.

John Fisher said...

Talking about leadership that is disconnected and pushing a status quo. Isn't that the heart of what has been going on for the past 50 years in the Church. Reading Francis comments about Catholics who use the historic liturgy he really does not grasp why their is a lack of trust. I don't think the papacy acts in a consistent and trustworthy way. Even dear Pope Benedicts resignation is a sign of mistrust. I don't trust Francis one inch. He is everything we fear. I hear read all about his behaviours including those at the synod and I give him the benefit that the narrative I read is inaccurate. I don't think so. I think it is his inability to grasp the new liturgy is a rupture forced on us by a minority of Modernists who hold power. People leave the Church because it is banal like Francis. They call rupture newness and fluffy words. Their roots are shallow. The new Mass is not the Old Mass with fuller extracts of readings. It is not the Old Mass or any variant of it using more vernacular. It is an imposed Mass, with an imposed Luke warm Papacy. Francis is a appeaser who debases his office. He says one thing then unlike Christ fails even to challenge a fake Bishopess who has been debased by her compulsions.

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