Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Hero of Hacksaw Ridge

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Something good from the States: Mel Gibson's new film Hacksaw Ridge received a 10 minute ovation at the Venice Film Festival, it is about a non-combatant Seventh Day Adventist medical orderly, Desmond Doss, and his repeated efforts to save 75 of his wounded comrades.


John Fisher said...

When they make movies they always pick better looking actors than the original person or someone who looks nothing like the original. Maybe Robert Di Nero will play Fr Blake in a movie about his life called "The Agony and Ecstasy". Bergoglio will play Martin Luther in "I did It My Way" or (I made it up while claiming to be biblical).

Sadie Vacantist said...

The Church will always be a "dollar short" or "an hour late". The size of the organization renders collective agility difficult (which is why B16 disliked conferences as they make things even worse).

The problem now facing us is that we have an episcopal management layer prepared for the Clinton and Blair era and yet the blogs (for all their faults) were a warning of significant dissent emerging to the Blair/Clinton hegemony. The Catholic response was to either ban individual bloggers like that deacon up in Lancaster or close them down as at the Herald. Father Hunwicke had his ordination postponed because of his blog.

Damian Thompson demonstrated this latest initiative when attacking blogs and bloggers in a recent piece in "The Spectator" when at one time he invited bloggers to parties. He even once offered to contact me personally via the Telegraph blog in the belief that I had some "dirt to dish" on the sex abuse scandals. That man, in our own micro catholic World, represents the complete failure of the MSM during Brexit and now the American elections. I am proud to say that I was banned several times by him at the Telegraph and by the Herald. Each time finding a way to get back in.

It's pointless attacking America, father, when your own blog facilitates the very dissent or dissatisfaction with the status quo which has gained expression in Brexit and the Trump presidency. You even revealed that you voted Brexit yourself. No, as they say in the infamous zero hedge blog, it's time to sit back and buy some popcorn. You deserve it!