Friday, February 09, 2018


Grateful: The barely-dressed male performer kisses the hand of the pontiff after his show

  • Pope calls Chilean abuse victims spreaders of calumny and says no evidence/proof has been given him.
  • Despite Cardinal O'Malley personally giving the Pope a letter offering evidence.
  • Now it seems the CDF made a recommendation that Bishop Barros should be removed.
  • The Pope personally removed from the CDF 3 priests concerned with investigating child abuse.
  • .When Cdl Mueller asks the Pope for an explanation, he is told 'I am the Pope' and the audience ends.
  • Scicluna, the CDF abuse prosecutor, had already been 'promoted' to be Archbishop of Malta
  • Since the end of last year the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors has been allowed to fall into abeyance.
  • He has surrounded himself in the Council of 9 with those who have denied abuse like Cdl Maradiaga who described the abuse crisis as a 'Jewish media conspiracy' or more to the point Barros' defender and the Chilean Archbishop Emeritus of Santiago Francisco Javier Errázuriz Ossa, known locally as "the Sandbag" because of his failure to act on abuse.
  • He has also honoured notorious coverers up of  abuse like Cardinals Daneels and Mahoney, who seem to have been prominent in his election.
  • During this Pontificate aberrant sexuality seems to be promoted.
  • The report produced on the 'Gay Mafia' seems to be ignored.
    • Accounts of his own handling of abuse in Buenos Aires seem to be mixed.
Young admirers: Pope Francis kisses two children dressed as ringmasters who took part in the circus performance in Paul VI hall at the Vatican
Pictures of yesterday's Papal audience: Reuters


Capt. Morgan said...

Thank you Father for staying true to the Faith. These are trying times.satan is working overtime.

TLM said...

I, in my haphazard way, have already 'connected the dots'. I don't mind saying that in doing so it had literally made me sick to my stomach! My mind keeps going back to the memory of Padre Pio when he told Fr. Villa: (a priest that was under him that had been commissioned to fight freemasonry within the Church) "Take courage because freemasonry has already entered even unto the Papal slippers." Lord Jesus have MERCY on your faithful flock!!!

philipjohnson said...

Kissing the boy on the lips !God help this Bergoglio.

Left-footer said...

I put off becoming a Catholic for 30 years because the second Vatican Council made me afraid of future horrors, but this is beyond my wildest nightmares.

Cosmos said...


The Church has always taught--and the Bible is perfectly clear on this point--that the Lord sent his Holy Spirit so that we would no longer have to question authority. Those in power are his chosen. The sheep can't question the hired hands, even if they are being eaten by wolves. It must have been for the greater good!

Also, the law of charity require that we always assume non-polluters, non-bankers, and non-mafiosos have the best of intentions. The absolute best. They do not have normal human motivations and weaknesses. There should be no suspicion of men who seek out power and influence in the Church. They are not like other men who do the same. No. in fact, we are now learning that we can not even judge their actions!

Instead, just like the prophets, Paul, John the Baptist, the martyrs, Athanasius, Joan of Arc, and the other luminaries of the Faith, we are called to meekly go where we are led. That's what they did, if you look at it from the right angle and, more to the point, you are no St. Lawrence! Such delusions of grandeur. Aim much lower!

We should not believe gossip or unproven stories, unless they make our leaders into heroes--then charity requires us to believe and publish books immediately!

Finally, Vatican II boldly stated that we must step into the contemporary world, shedding those forms and modes of the middle ages that modern man can't understand and embracing what is best about our current age--except for total filial obedience of the serf to his Lord, we must keep that. So modern corporate, democratic forms, plus total filial obedience. It's the best of both worlds!

Hmmmmm.... Now that I've written this down, it sounds a little off. Maybe I need to rethink some of this.

Paul Hellyer said...

Philip. I looked closely and I don't think it's on the lips.

Paul Hellyer said...

Will this papacy end this year?
I hope so.
I Can't take any more.

Vox Cantoris said...

You just did.

Arturo said...

My Faith is Perfect, the people in it are not.

Physiocrat said...

Is the Barque of Peter breaking up? Is such a thing even possible? How should one know when to take to the lifeboats? Are there any and are they seaworthy? Or do Catholics have a duty to stay on board and wait for Captain Benedict XVII, number 267, to take over?

Anonymous said...

Chile + China = Sodano

Unknown said...


Your bravery is humbling.

The next Hour of my Office is for you.

Marc said...

While I would not be surprised to find that 'connecting the dots' is within the realm of possibility, surely it is a bit unfair to take a photograph of a trapeze performer (an 'aerialist', I believe they are called) from a circus with the P. as evidence of anything other than as perhaps a sign of the deplorable decline of decorum at audiences in Paul VI Hall? And, no, in that photograph the P. is not kissing the child performer on the lips.

Anil Wang said...

Left-footer said... "I put off becoming a Catholic for 30 years ....but this is beyond my wildest nightmares. "

Left-footer, don't reject Christ's Church because of Judas. Unfortunately, we have a Pope that is trying to combine the crisis of the corruption of the Pornocracy Popes ( and the doctrinal crisis of the Arian Crisis. Regardless of what happen at the next conclave, the Church will still be the Church and it will come out of this crisis stronger than it would have been if Pope Francis had not been elected, just as the Protestant Crisis gave us the Council of Trent and the Arian Crisis gave us the Creed.

It all depends on what happens in the next conclave. If the cardinals stand firm, we will get a true restorationist that will fix not only the crisis, but will fix the source of the crisis provoked by Spirit of Vatican II. If the cardinals waffle and select a "compromise Pope", we'll get the crisis dealt with but damage will remain and there's always the chance thant Pope Francis II will return. If the cardinals fold and Pope Francis II is elected, the crisis will deepen and it may take a few hundred years before a the Church comes roaring back in The Council of Trent II. If both sides stand firm, we will have an official schism with half the Church eventually merging with the Anglicans or Lutherans and the other half being more firmly orthodox. But regardless, the Church will survive and thrive, even if you and I will not live to see the day.

And regardless, if you believe the Catholic Church is the Church created by Christ, you risk hell if you do not join even if you have to give up some worldly comforts. The Doctrines and Sacraments of the Church are true and no Pope or bishop can change that.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear Father. You are egregiously evil for noticing and commenting on patterns.

That is profiling ya know...

Kudos :)

Left-footer said...

Paul Hellyer - I magnified the page and you are right. The kiss is definitely on the cheek to the right of the mouth, thank God.

Fr Ray Blake said...

It was the latest picture I could find, unfair maybe but it does reflect a certain eroticism/sexualisation - or simple lack of modesty, which we saw exhibited in the crib and which seems to be part of Vatican life today.
It is strange Vatican officials didn't think it improper in anyway.

John F. Kennedy said...

Anil Wang you wrote "The Doctrines and Sacraments of the Church are true and no Pope or bishop can change that."

They are in the process of changing them so they are no longer True. The loss of the Anglian priesthood is an example of this process. They changed the words and intentions of ordination. In one lifetime they lost the apostolic link and priesthood.

sarto2012 said...

Vatican officials? Indeed! I see Mr "Gorgeous George" Gänswein grinning broadly in both photos. Keep grinning, Georgie! Keep grinnng, say nothing and the Newcardinalatial red hat is in the bag!

Liam Ronan said...

I saw the barely clad circus performer kneeling before the beaming Francis and thought how much the scantily clad young man looked as though he had stepped out of the St. Peter's Nativity Grotto...clothe the naked.

LaurelMaryCecilia said...

Physiocrat et al.......... we are not in the Barque of Peter because of the people in it, or the looks of the hull or the skills of a navigator on duty. We must be in the Barque of Peter because that is the only place where the valid priesthood line is - therefore, the only place where your sins can be forgiven and you can received the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ. Sure not as wonderful as being in on Princess Cruise in a suite; but, it's where we must be

Marc said...

Thanks, Father, for the additional comment, with which I agree entirely. I remember you at the Office each day and at Mass: many thanks for your public faithfulness to Our Lord and to His Church. I was received into the Church during the last years of Paul VI's reign and there were moments in the last two pontificates when I told myself in a self-satisfied way that 'now surely a true renewal is underway, purification and renewal'-- but here we are. Stat Crux dum volvitur orbis.

Elizabeth said...

I have wondered about this, quietly and almost incredulously, that is, not even wanting to believe it could be possible, for some time. I’m glad someone has finally said it.

But the source of all of this is that Bergoglio is a Freudian. That means that, to him, sex and Freud’s Oedipal father-son conflict are the way in which the world and human life should be understood. It is true that Freud regarded homosexuality as immature, but he was simply including it as part of his sexual continuum, and it was not a moral issue at all because morality really didn’t exist outside of the societal sphere. Some of his followers, such as Kinsey, spent a lot of time “testing” Freud’s theories on “child polymorphous perversity.”

Bergoglio underwent psychotherapy with a Freudian analyst in Argentina as a young man, during a time when backwater Argentina was just really getting into this “Revolution of ‘68” stuff. I bet he thought he was the coolest priest in town, and he still does. So whether he is or was a participant or not, he’s certainly somebody who has abandoned Christianity for an entirely different foundation for his worldview. And Freud along with Marx are the two archenemies of Christianity.

It was an attempt by Satan to imitate the Blessed Mother to lend credibility to the Blessed Sacrament with the changes made in Vatican 2. This whole thing was the support the changes going on in Vatic said...

Its not on the lips But But look where the boys right hand is on I had to enlarge the picture but it look like the kid right hand is fondling .... Francis you know what.

Physiocrat said...


"We must be in the Barque of Peter because that is the only place where the valid priesthood line is"

Are you sure about that? What are the marks and characteristics of the valid Christian priesthood?

As far as I can tell, the basic requirements include ordination in a valid form in the direct line of descent from the Apostles, confession of the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed and assent to the dogmas sof the Ecumenical Councils up to and including the Council of Chalcedon.

On that basis we cannot even be certain that there is not a valid priesthood even within the Anglicans, unless one is absolutely certain that Apostolae Curae is the last word on the subject. There may also be valid priesthoods in various other vessels bobbing around on the ocean of Christianity.

Physiocrat said...

The guy in the top picture looks as if he has just come from a Brighton Pride parade.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

It could be argued that Our Pope and Our Cross has Pietyphobia (ABS TM's this neologism) and, thus, his unease at even the Lil' Licit Liturgy or before a Monstrance.

Remember early on in his pontificate, he was exiting the Papal Crypts when he stopped to pull apart the hands of a pious altar boy who was standing there recollected with his palms pressed together in the ancient and approved way.

That single moment told ABS all he needed to know about Francis; he is pietyphobic whereas he is quite comfortable in the company of sodomites and abortionists

Matthew Roth said...

Unless facts change in individual cases, meaning that Apostolicae curae doesn’t apply, e.g. Graham Leonard’s case, AC defines a doctrine to which we must give assent. See the commentary on Ad Tuendam fidem.

Liam Ronan said...

@Matthew Roth,

You say: "...AC defines a doctrine to which we must give assent."

Pope Francis condemned AC in his work 'Laudato Si' at part 55:

"...the increasing use and power of air-conditioning...An outsider looking at our world would be amazed at such behaviour, which at times appears self-destructive."

Lepanto said...

'Dare we join the dots?' I did that long ago then painted the picture and put it on the wall.

Physiocrat said...

@Matthew Roth

AC may be the last word on the subject but I have been reliably informed that there is slackness on the matter in practice. What of all the other ships? If we discount Protestants, Monophysites (that sounds like a chemical, eg potassium monophysite) and non-Chalcedonians, there is still a quite a fleet out there on the ocean of Christianity. Might they have some valid priesthoods on board?

Sean Mercer said...

How convenient that +Georges Ganswein retains his position as Prefect of the Papal Household. He's in charge of the Pope's audiences AND he is the personal secretary to The "Pope Emeritus." The latter can't move a muscle without Bergoglio knowing it in a millimeter's worth of time.

Kathleen1031 said...

Thank you Father. Thank you very much.
It has reached the point of no return. This is one he is not going to be able to ignore or use threats to silence his accusers, because this is going to blow up.
We have the facts, which confirm what we have suspected based on his words, actions, and inactions, his elevation of obvious homosexuals, his covering for homosexuals, and all the "little things" like relentlessly parading "circus" contortionists in front of the Catholics sitting in front of him at the audience.
The fact is, everything he has done is aimed at destruction, and he has been enabled, but it's about to erupt, please God Almighty. Anyone who supports this apostate after this bombshell is purely protecting themselves, and nothing else.
Dear God give men the courage to do the right thing now. It is late but it is not too late. Soon it will be.

raphaelheals said...

Even though this list by Father Blake points a finger to Francis,has anyone given thought to the potential reality that Francis might NOT have been given the letter from Mr. Cruz by Cardinal O"Malley? We saw the picture of it being given to Cardinal O'Malley by Marie Collins but we never saw a pic of O'Malley actually delivering it to Francis as promised. Just a thought.

Pelerin said...

physiocrat at 7.39pm - you just made me spill my coffee!! On seeing the photo I was pleased to see what I thought was a Roman gladiator actually kissing the papal ring in obeisance. A rare sight these days.

Nicolas Bellord said...

I recently learnt that an Argentinian Jesuit Father Scannone wrote that Evangelii Gaudium was a promotion of Teologia del Pueblo or Theology of the People. A theology developed in Latin America and particularly Argentina as a variant of Liberation Theology but supposedly cleansed of any trace of Marxism or Hegelian historicism. From the little I have garnered about this Theology it seems to be about a political programme exclusively with much talk of structural sin. I wonder whether the emphasis is such that personal sin is quietly ignored which would explain much of what is happening to-day in ignoring sexual sins and generally behaving in a very dictatorial manner. See my essay on Understanding the Pope at:

Physiocrat said...

@Nicolas Bellford

Structural sin exists, for example in systems of taxation and ownership rights. This is addressed even in scripture - for example, the whole of chapter 25 of Leviticus deals with land, debt, slavery - and even sustainability, in the law of the seventh fallow year. As Christians, we cannot ignore structural sin as it is expressed in economic, and some times legal, systems which are fundamentally unjust.

To what extent, and how, the church should get involved in the subject is another matter. The first of all papal encyclicals Vix Pervenis, issued in 1745 by Pope Benedict XIV, was a condemnation of usury which is entirely relevant today. However, given the deficiencies of Catholic Social Teaching from Rerum Novarum onwards, it might be better to lay down only the broadest of principles and leave the rest to the laity.

And of course this is not an either/or business. Both structural sin and personal sin must be combatted, starting with our own.

Jovan-Marya Weismiller, T.O.Carm. said...

Thank you, Father! Would you mind if I reblogged this?

Fr Ray Blake said...

Jovan-Marya Weismiller, T.O.Carm.
Everything here is public, so do.

Nicolas Bellord said...

@physiocrat. Thanks for your remarks on structural sin.

If a pay-day loan company lends money at say 2000% p.a. (structural sin of usury insofar as permitted by legislation) as we see advertised on the telly there is not an awful lot I can do about it other than writing to my MP and every five years adding it into the multiplicity of issues which persuade me to vote for one party or the other.

On the other hand I can refrain from personally charging 2000% to my neighbour who asks for a loan which would be a personal sin of usury.

It seems to me to be more important to deal with my personal behaviour rather than with structural sin.

Over the years I have heard a great deal about my supposed failure to deal with structural sin from the clergy and Justice and Peace groups (which is usually aimed at trying to make me feel guilty for not voting Labour) and practically never about personal sins. It is very easy to bang on about structural sins and I cannot help feeling that personal sins are ignored or at best dismissed in some sort of psychobabble.

Further it seems to me that legislating to make people good e.g. banning pay-day loan companies is far less effective than a good hell fire sermon directed at the directors of the companies?

PAPALCount said...

In a statement Cardinal O'Malley said he gave the letter to the pope.
I believe him. The cardinal is a good and decent man and a holy bishop.
Those of us who know him know this to be true. His rebuke to Francis concerning the pope's remarks in Chile I am sure were not well received in Rome.
Opposition is building. There is just too much wrong going on.
If Francis continues much longer he may need to seek shelter in Castel San Angelo as other pope's under siege needed to do.

Physiocrat said...

@Nicolas Bellord
Structural sin is sin in which we participate as members of society, and by our personal actions where these have wider effects.

At the personal level it is things like what we pour down the drain, what we buy and what we do not buy, whether we repair or throw away, where and how we travel, the programmes and films we watch, and the books we read.

Beyond that, our ability to influence structural sin depends on our situation. However, given that our politicians are reflections of ourselves, we have as much responsibility to be mindful of structural sin as of personal sin.

Nicolas Bellord said...

I think PAPALCount is absolutely right. Cardinal O'Malley would never have rebuked Pope Francis the way he did without knowing about the letter and had handed it to the Pope.

Unknown said...

Where will we turn to?All we can do is to turn to Our Lord and Pray for the Church.In the years to come,

Fr. VF said...

According to Elizabeth Yore on "The World Over," Cardinal Bergoglio HAD NO CASES OF CLERICAL SEX ABUSE in Buenos Aires!!!

Nicolas Bellord said...

EWTN Has a very thorough examination of the Barros case. It makes for dreadful reading and viewing:

Nicolas Bellord said...

On a positive note I do recommend those who understand French to watch Cardinal Robert Sarah giving a talk on his book "God or Nothing" in Brussels earlier this month. Even if you do not understand French just watch a bit to see a truly humble and holy man. I was particularly impressed by his answer to a question about how he saw himself personally at about 45 minutes: