Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bishops Speak about their faith

The Papal Visit Website seems to be getting better. There are some rather charming little video vignettes of the Bishops of E&W speaking about their experiences of faith.


georgem said...

Well, Father, I've just sat through them, every one; through a thoroughly amateur video sequence and wondering when any of them might say anything of any real depth. Erm, still waiting. Not much mention of the Pope there, either.
Who are these revelations aimed at? Not sentient adults, surely?
I went to the site in order to convince myself that the meringue chosen as the design for the Beatification sanctuary was a horrible hoax.
Nope, it's a shocker. Blue Peter - the one I made yesterday - could have done better and it's utterly contra-Benedict.
Sorry to be so splenetic, but I do despair sometimes. Really I do.

dillydaydream said...

It's not the Blue Peter set that was raided for this, George. Right at the back I can see the arched window from Playschool. However, to be fair - it is a design which should give a good acoustic.

georgem said...

But dilly, but dilly, they have microphones these days. And where is the choir going to be? It seems to me that anyone sitting at an angle from dead centre will have a very restricted view.
The sanctuary itself looks rather druidical to me, or like one of those grand finale sets for Hollywood's take on ancient Egypt, starring Joan Collins.
Plus, I know where you got that name from . . . . .