Sunday, August 15, 2010


At the bottom of the blog I have put a widget to the iBreviary, just to encourage lay people to say it - and I must admit it is for me when I'm too lazy to go down to Church when I've left my book there.

Can anyone give a link to widget for the Traditional breviary?


Anonymous said...

The whole of the traditional breviary is here, but you have to make your own app for it.

Anonymous said...


You have to make your own app, but it works well on the iphone and ipad.

Mhairi said...

Father, this isn't about your post on the breviary, but I have a question that I hope you'll be able to answer.

I took a class on Liturgy at our parish during Lent. It was very spiritually uplifting and I have a much deeper appreciation of what takes place. Anyway here is my question.

I was looking through the instructions for the celebration of Holy Mass recently and read in the section on actions and posture that the congregation is supposed to stand during the Eucharistic Prayer (except for the Consecration). I do remember standing during Sunday Mass at St Peter's last summer. Why don't we follow these rules in the UK if this is how it is done in Rome? Our priest is on holiday until September otherwise I'd ask him. Thank you.

Martin said...

Is there an equivalent app for the propers of the Mass? It would be really useful to be able to check the readings for the day and also to be able to print these out for worshippers who are new to the EF and who do not have their own Missals.

Mark said...

Also, Father, super-customisable is:

I would recommend it too. PC and mobile versions. Various calendars. Etc., etc.

Fr Ray Blake said...

I think the reason goes back to the normal posture that used to be used for the "old" Mass which varied from region to region.

Nancy said...

There's an app called Liber Pro which converts the entire 1961 Liber Usualis to a downloadable app for your iPhone/iPod touch (and appears to be compatible with iPad as well). It has a liturgical calendar, a linked table of contents, bookmarks, selectable up/down or left/right paging. You can even change the colour of the pages for better viewing.

It's $14.99, but still a pretty good deal in my opinion.

Mark said...


The site I recommended does this too.

parepidemos said...

Mhairi: I do not have the Roman Rite Missal for E+W at hand but (oddly enough) I do have the US sacramentary.

After the General Instruction, there is a section which pertains only to the US. It states that, whilst the general norm is for the people to stand during the Eucharistic Prayer, in US dioceses the people are to kneel unless it is impractical. The US bishops received an indult from Rome to make this change to the general norms and I presume that the bishops of E+W did the same.

Like you, I believe it would be beneficial to follow the universal norm regarding standing. It would provide a greater sense of continuity throughout the Catholic world and restore an ancient practice that is still maintained by the Eastern Rite Catholic, Orthodox and Coptic churches.

However, I think this is one occasion when those promoting the 'reform of the reform' would prefer not to adhere to the universal norms :)

Joking aside, Catholicism is not - and should never be - monolithic in liturgical practice. In India it is common for people to sit (a sign of respect) during the Eucharist Prayer in those many churches which do not have seats. In Africa people dance as they bring the offertory gifts to the altar. In Mexico, solemn Masses are often filled with the sound of the mariachi band. It would be sad and unjust to replace these wonderful celebrations with the Western-style polyphony Mass that I attend each Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. I have put a link to the widget on the side bar of my site. Thanks again and God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Nice, I added it to my blog, thanks.

Michael Clifton said...

What on earth is a widget ?

Hestor said...

Very untraditional to pray the office on an iphone...

pelerin said...

I thought a widget was something you insert under a window to stop it rattling!

Regarding posture at Mass I had my hands grabbed and forceably raised several times for the Our Father last week. I cannot understand why the Priests don't mention that this posture is only for the Priest and not for the people. Is it because it is now so common in some countries that it is accepted as the norm?