Saturday, August 14, 2010

More from Downside

Here are a few more photographs from the LMS Downside conference, these were taken by Leo Darroch Executive President of the International Federation of Una Voce. It was fascinating to speak to Leo of his work with various Roman Curial Offices.

Entrance into the wonderful Gothic church of Downside, with splendid organ playing by Robert O'Farrell.Fr. John Cahill celebrating a Missa Cantata
Some tired old priest who tried to learn the Missa Solemnis and the spent his time complaining about spending the whole course "going up and down stairs" and having to genuflect all the time. Gosh, my knees did hurt.
Bishop Schneider having celebrated a private Mass the MC Richard Hawker.
Bishop Schneider being thanked by LMS Chairman, Dr Joseph Shaw, sitting next to His Lordship is Paul Waddington, who organised the conference. There were over 50 people including priests, musicians and servers. Once the parish priest of Wells lent us some towels most things went relatively smoothly, though with all those priest I thing Paul must have felt he was herding cats at times.
Ready for the Pontifical Solemn Mass.Processing for the photograph.
The photograph!!

Afterwards I was very impressed to meet All the Little Epsilon's who travelled frm Southampton to Downside on her bus pass, staying overnight in her tent on her way. Truly heroic, especially as it been bucketting down the previous day.
Yes, and "John F", it was good to meet you too.


Richard Hawker said...

Thanks for putting up these photos Father; and for getting a mention; what an honour! May I say it was also an honour to serve your Mass.

One clarification though- the photo of Missa Cantata is not of Fr. de Malleray, but of Fr. John Cahill, a priest of the diocese of Nottingham.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Richard, Thank you for the correction, I shall change it immediately.

Just another mad Catholic said...

Richard you were a cracking MC and a great teacher; frankly I don't know how you put with the likes of me without having a heart attack. Look foward to reading your blog posts on the conferece.

As for you Father I have only one word........... Blood :)

All the best


(readers must understand that on the final evening Fr wore a splended cape over his Cassock and this, coupled with his Biretta looked very battish, Fr's impersination of a vampire only added to the entertainment.

epsilon said...

Father, it was a fantastic experience and the campsite people were truly Good Samaritans - they went completely out of their way to rescue me from the side of the road as I had missed the last bus. They asked for a few Hail Marys:)

So fantastic to hear there will be Latin Mass in Nottingham (hope it's the City as my daughter has moved there recently!)

Cammie Novara said...

"Bishop Schneider being thanked by LMS Chairman, Dr Joseph Shaw, sitting next to His Lordship is Paul Waddington, who organised the conference." I really have to let my Facebook group know about that! There's a really animated debate that I thought would be of interest on evolution vs. intelligent design going on at

Fr Ray Blake said...

I haven't published your comment, because understand it.
I can only think you have the wrong priest and wrong church.

johnf said...

Likewise, it was good to meet you, Father!

Memories of the splendid Mass on Thursday ranged from the charisma of Bishop Schneider - such a kind, shy, gentle and holy man, my creaky knees on genuflecting to kiss his ring and the censer who in the initial procession to the altar from time to time swung the thurible through 360 degrees - perhaps trying to emulate the botafumeiro at Santiago de Compostela.

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