Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Living the Liturgy

New Liturgical Movement present this amazing video entitled Living the Liturgy about the monks of Clear Creek. It is almost an hour long but there are so many wise things said by the Prior, the Guestmaster and Bishop Slattery it is well worth the investment in time.
It raises a very important question for me: why is it that monasticism apart from one or two exceptions is dying in the UK, yet in other parts of the world thrives?


Kathy said...

Thank you for posting such a wonderful video. I haven't yet seen it all, but I hope to return again. My hope and prayer is that monasteries will once again be found across the entire world, including the UK. I think religion and faith are seen less overtly in countries in which the culture thinks the big questions have all been figured out. For individuals who lack an appreciation of the mystery of life, and a true understanding and acceptance of the limitations of human knowledge, God knocks on the door but He has to wait for the door to open to enter.

georgem said...

Thanks for this, Father. I assume your question in rhetorical.

bernadette said...

Monasticism is not dying in my corner of the UK, Fr Ray. Vocations to the priesthood seem to be at the moment, but not the attraction of The Monastic Life. It is a ray of hope. Many of these Monastic vocations, will lead, naturally, to the Priesthood.

We have had 8 new Postulants (now 6) and a steady stream of interest over the past two years or so.

God is good and His promise "I will build my church", is real. He continues to call and knock at that door, as you know.

The video, by the way is beautiful-thankyou for posting it. It is hugely encouraging to me.

Paul Mallinder said...

Perhaps there is a directly proportional relationship between social/economic poverty and vocations to the monastic life?

Fr Ray Blake said...

Paul, it would seem to go both ways economically.

Sadie Vacantist said...

Wow, the prior sounds like a spiritual giant! Concelebration is awful and should be scrapped.