Wednesday, January 02, 2013

New Years Gift from Wantage

On the 1st of January, in the Year of Our Lord 2013 the 11 sisters, formerly members of the Community of Saint Mary the Virgin, Wantage, were reconciled to Our Holy Mother the Church.
What wonderful a New Year's gift for the sisters, for the Church and for the Holy Father, whose own particular project and gift to the English Church the Ordinariate is.
I offered Mass for their intentions yesterday. Now, all the sisters need is a permanent home, and a little cash, presumably, to set it up, so pray!
The Ordinariate in England is the real touchstone of whether we are with the Benedictine "programme" or not. It touches how we see Ecclesiology: the Church's relationship with other Christians bodies, the relationship of individual Christians with the Holy See. The setting up of the Ordinariates throughout the English speaking is just one of the ways in which we have moved to a more authentic interpretation of Vatican II, recognising what we have in common, but recognising what is defficient. Yesterday, for these sisters, who were living a Catholic life "in much fullness", received what was defficient, namely visible Communion with the See of Peter.

Pray for the Ordinariate, that this year the might be given a London home, a little money.

A Happy and Blessed New Year


Genty said...

God Bless them, every one. What bliss to have two strong flanks to the Church: the Ordinariate and the traditional orders.
Now all that's needed is to beef up the centre.
A happy and blessed 2013 to all.

Pastor in Valle said...

I hear they are going to live at Ryde Abbey for the next few weeks.

Anthony Jordan said...

Father, I note with joy that the prayer for the Ordinariate to be given a home has been answered:

StevieD said...

A national 'second collection' would go a long way to providing a financial base for the Ordinariate as well as making people aware of its existence and importance. Let's lobby for it.

Sixupman said...


I second that!

The Bones said...

Our Lady of the Assumption and St Gregory!!!!

Jeremiah Methuselah said...

That is the Oxford Oratory (St Aloysius, as was) is it not ?

RichardT said...

Pray for a London home? I've never seen prayers answered so quickly! Deo gratias.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Then comes from nuns praying!
Nuns and new converts: God always answers their prayers.

The Rad Trad said...

Congratulations to the nuns and God bless them!

Yes, that is the Oxford Oratory, which is still called St Aloysius (or "St Aly-oopa" by one of the Oratorians)from its Jesuit days.

Jeremiah Methuselah said...

Thaank ypu RadTrad