Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Good News: Irish Domicans

 I have found out a little more about the background to the Fr Broder's sacking from the Limerick Biblical Institute. Apparently he had been doing his own thing for years, hinting and sowing doubt, chipping away at the faith of his students, the type of think that has been happening in Catholic institutions for years but it was only when he published his book that he clearly stated his disbelief in the divinity of Christ and the historicity of scripture.

It was the Irish Dominicans themselves who decided his views where unacceptable and he should not to continue teaching under their auspices  It was the kids who did it, the power base has shifted, the younger Dominicans are taking control and simply expecting orthodoxy and questioning its absence.

If you are looking for something good in Ireland then take a look at the Dominicanss There are 16 young men in the studenate and 6 very sound and orthodox young men in the novitiate. Orthtodoxy attracts orthodoxy, where there is real teaching there is groeth

Pray for Fr Broder to receive the gift of faith, pray for the Irish Dominicans.


Anita Moore said...

As a lay Dominican, I am very glad to see that heterodoxy is starting to have public consequences within the Order. This is a step up from the days when they came up with "disobedience" as alternative grounds for expelling the heretic Matthew Fox -- as morally satisfying as putting Al Capone away for tax evasion.

Matthias said...

Thanks for this Fr. I attend Morning Prayers at the Dominican run parish here in Melbourne, at least twice a week ,and am struck by the number of young members . In the fridays leading up to Christmas theDominican students had at 8pm evening prayers open to all.

Supertradmum said...

Now, the next step would be renewing Oxford.

A Latin Mass there might help

Anonymous said...


(Ouch! Who threw this boomerang?)

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