Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cantigas de Santa Maria

This is one of my favourite websites, it supplies me hours of pleasure, it is a wonderful collection of  over 400 songs to the Blessed Virgin in Galician-Portuguese during the reign of Alfonso X El Sabio (1221–1284), if you are into thirteenth century music the Cantigas should already be known to you. Though the wonderful site which offers square and round note options, as well phonetic pronunciation for those with rather weak 13th Century Galician-Portugese, only appeared last year.
The only problem is that there is no Latin translation online yet, as far as I know

There are lots of recordings of performances on Youtube.

This is one my favourites, ideal for an evening with Mary.
I hope it gives you as much pleasure as it gives me.

This is in praise of Holy Mary. 

I have praised and praise and shall ever praise Holy Mary.

For among all the most honored men alive today, 
She has shown me more 
blessings, which I shall now relate. 

She caused me to descend from good lineage 
and willed that I should justly 
reign and be king. 

And with Her mercies She aided me in my grave illnesses, 
therefore, rest as- 
sured, I shall serve Her in return. 

And to those who bore me ill will and conspired 
and plotted against me She 
gave what they deserved, 
as I shall prove. 
She freed me from great poverty and gave me wealth, 
for which I shall name 
all Her great attributes that I can. 

For She who does not err nor ever erred made me lord of a fine land 
helped me in every war when I called on Her. 

She delivered me from misfortunes, death, and injury. 
Therefore know, good 
men, that I shall die for Her. 

All you join with me now to pray with all our hearts 
that She may help me 
in Her great mercy, for I have need. 

And whenever She so wills, may She take me from the turmoil 
of this world, 
and may I look upon Her whom I have always loved.

Another version


A Country Priest said...

I've never heard of this, and likely never would have. Now I'm eager to learn more, and explore the site. The Internet can be a wonderful thing! Thanks for the link Father.

Pelerin said...

That is so beautiful and exquisite illustrations too. Many thanks for the link. Is that a lute in the first video?

My 13th Century Galician-Portuguese is rather weak, well non-existant actually but it really does not matter as the music is so inducive to prayer. Could we have a 'Day with Mary' at MM one day with similar music please?

Stan Metheny said...

Thanks for the link to the site. I have long enjoyed my two CDs of the Cantigas, but knew nothing of the site. A treasure.

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