Saturday, November 18, 2017


Image result for gender confusionA parishioner who works in social care has been told she is a "bigot" and a lot of other rather unpleasant things, the reason is that she refuses to go along with her department's gender policy. She deals with confused young people who often cut themselves or are anorexic or are suicidal. often drug or alcohol dependant and aggressive to others, lately to this mix has been added confusion over gender identity.

Her description of most of those she deals with suggests gender identity is just one of many confusions these young people have to deal with. Many appear to be from homes where there is no father, where the mother has a succession of 'partners' and is uncertain about her role, where the family is sexualised by the presence of various forms of pornography and where the children are prematurely sexualised by the actions of those around them.

Confusion over gender seems to occur where there is confusion on many other levels. The confused are left asking who they are, where do they fit in. Gender confusion would seem to be merely a symptom of general confusion, that ends up by disrupting relationships and ultimately questioning one's very identity as a person.

Religion is about identity; our ability to understand what we mean by "I am ...". it is about knowing one's place in the universe and history in relationship to God and others.

The present confusion in the Church, especially amongst bishops, is not unrelated to gender confusion, it is about having lost sight of who God himself is. Confusion especially confusion about right and wrong, good and evil is always from the Devil, as is confusion -heresy- about who Jesus Christ is.


scotchlil said...

A teacher friend was informed recently at a 'workshop' that there are now over 70 (SEVENTY) recognised gender 'options'. Where does one begin to deal with this nonsense?

John Fisher said...

Yes you certainly hit it on the head. We are in a situation not unlike the 1930's in which a new inhuman ideology is on the rise. Its propagated through the papers TV and Hollywood. Its perpetrated by government policy and laws. I noticed the plan to light up Parliament in red for persecuted Christians... The Parliament in the UK and the EU are massive persecutors and dismantle-rs of morals and spreaders of permissiveness and chaos.

JARay said...

I am no longer a teacher and I must say that if I were starting out again I most certainly would not become a teacher. It used to be a safe, recognisable, respected occupation. I would not go within a million miles of it now. It most certainly is a much needed occupation but, especially now, it is fraught with so many traps for any male...especially a Catholic male, that any young man would need rocks in his head before he tackles such a den of confusion.

Nicolas Bellord said...

And the Catholic Education Service seems to be going along with this gender nonsense in schools. But then corrupting the young has always been a 'Catholic' thing. What are the Bishops going to do about it. Nothing.

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