Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blessed Damien of Moloka’i

There is a good article about the Blessed Damien of Moloka'i on Roman Christendom.
I find the Blessed th most incredible, and rather frightening example of priesthood. Somehow he stands in solidarity with Christ for his people. He gives himself totally for them, apparently the greatest moment of his life was when he contracted leperosy himself and was able to say, "We lepers" to his people.


Anonymous said...

i just love 'Molokai'..or is it Damien of Molokai...someone's pinched my DVD but it was excellent..only thing is i don't remember him saying 'We lepers' in the film..anyone else notice..because it should have been said..

George said...

Blessed - hopefully Saint at some no-too-distant date - Damien is a real HERO!

This is what it means to follow Jesus - to give yourself so completely to others that ultimately your own 'self' becomes of little importance.

An example to us all of self-sacrifice in whatever walk of life we find ourselves - as husbands, wives, parents, single state, order-givers or order-takers, clergy etc...

To give ourselves unconditionally to others is where true happiness reigns. Blessed Damien is a hard act to follow in this self-centred world, but then Catholics and Christians should stand against the secular flow.

Someone once said that only dead fish 'go with the flow', those that are alive swim against the tide and even leap great heights to achieve fresher life-giving and envigorating waters!

Blessed Damien pray for us.