Saturday, November 24, 2007

Splendour that is Benedict

Each one of you, dear and venerable brothers new-Cardinals, represents, thus, a portion of the articulate Mystical Body of Christ which is the Church spread everywhere. I know well how much weariness and sacrifice the care of souls demands today, but I know the generosity that sustains your apostolic activity. Due to this, in the circumstances which we are living, it is dear to me to confirm before you my sincere appreciation for the service faithfully rendered in so many years of labor in the diverse areas of ecclesial ministry, a service which now, with the elevation to the porpora, you are called to accomplish with even greater responsibility, in extremely close communion with the Bishop of Rome.

The pictures are just coming in off the wires of the creation of the new cardinals what strikes me is the change, just visually speaking, that the Pope and Marini (mark 2), his new Master of Ceremonies are making.
In previous consistories the Holy Father wore a cassock, today it is a mitre - I think it belonged to Pius IX and what I think is a 16th century orphrey on that cope. A wonderful way of saying that the Church is about continuity and that the liturgy needs beauty.
Isn't Benedict wonderful?


ffn said...

Good to see a decnt mitre!

Benfan said...

"Isn't Benedict wonderful?"

He most certainly is. That miter is fantastic. Back to sanity at last. Deo gratia

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

They seem also to have provided a traditional papal throne for Pope Benedict.

If this is the Ratzinger - Guido Marini effect, then it is obviously A Good Thing.

T Flag said...

I am glad that the Pope is wearing not only that wonderful mitre, the embroidered cope, but a what looks lie rather extravagant lace.
So much better than buying "new" when "old" is obviously better.

I would just like to put in plug here for T Flag, Traditional Feminine Liturgical Arts Group

Anonymous said...

He sure is!

Anonymous said...

It was truly wonderful! Take it from one who was there.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Your Emminence?

Philip said...

I watched this on EWTN and couldn't believe how different this consistory was to previous ones. The cope, Pius IX's Immaculate Conception mitre, deacons of honour, all made the event very special - a celebration - and not the dull stuff that has come form Rome these past few years. Even the Papal Altar looked like an altar, rather than a block of white marble with six dinner plates bearing nasty cheap candles.