Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ust Sunday

Brighton is sizzling nicely, so now is the time for the annual notice in the newsletter about modesty in dress.
For the young and beautiful too much exposed flesh leads to l-ust, for the old and wrinkly (like me) it leads to disg-ust.
Without being too directive I tend to suggest men and women cover their shoulders and chests and most of their thighs, it is a bit difficult we are rather close to the beech. One of the problems is old liberals then turn up in shorts and vests and 'traddies' adopt something like Islamic swimwear:
 we Catholics are a little more modest:


Supertradmum said...

like the first ones best...cute

nickbris said...

We must feel for Muslims who cannot have even have a sip of water during the heat of the day and must also swelter in their Niqabs & Hijabs.

It is the first week of Ramadan

GOR said...

For years I too came to Mass during Summer in shorts. Well, they were dress shorts and a collared shirt – the kind I wore to the golf club (where there is a dress code!). A number of years ago it finally struck me (I can be slow on the uptake – more so with advancing years), that this was not very respectful of where and in Whose presence I was. So I ‘upgraded’ to dress pants, jacket and tie.

Some time later one of the Ushers remarked that my wife and I were “the best dressed people in church…” My reaction, though I didn’t express it, was: “That’s not too difficult around here!” Though I rarely see any one else with a tie, a number of the (older) men do wear dress pants and shirts and some of the women also ‘dress up’ for Mass.

However, while I didn’t do this to ‘set an example’ Father may have thought so. Upon taking up the gifts one morning he remarked sotto voce: “Tsk! Wearing a jacket on such a hot day!” (Father never wears a Chasuble – just Alb and Stole). However, the following Sunday he outdid himself – celebrating Mass in clerical shirt and pants with just a Stole over them. But he was wearing a Roman collar…

Just another mad Catholic said...


I feel even more sorry for the fact that they are following a false religion that not only subjects them to undue harshness but will lead them to a place that is allot hotter.

I suggest that readers mark ramadan by spending time in front of the Blessed Sacrament for the conversion of muslims and by fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays

parepidemos said...

When in Louisiana a few years ago, I ended up attending what is a mostly African-American parish. Those people believe in dressing up to come to Mass! What also impressed me was how the only folk who left slightly early (i.e. during announcements) were the ones serving coffees and teas. And did they sing!

Walpurgis said...

"I suggest that readers mark Ramadan by spending time in front of the Blessed Sacrament for the conversion of muslims and by fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays."

Top suggestion, JAMC. Potentially fruitful in so many ways – in the grace to be received from prayer before the Bl. Sacrament, in recovering and reinforcing the practice of fasting (still critically endangered in Western Christianity), and in demonstrating loving concern for the spiritual well-being – heck, let's stop beating about the bush and call it what it is, "salvation" – of our Muslim brothers and sisters.

But be aware (I'm sure you are already!) that seeking to convert those of another faith is judged to be "offensive" and "disrespectful", not to mention "racist" and other such epithets. Or at least, it is when it's done by Christians (by others? not so much.)

parepidemos said...

Mad Catholic. Please. No human being has the right to say that anyone is going to the hot place you mention. God alone is the judge of our souls. faci

Just another mad Catholic said...

Dear Parepedimos

It is a fact that those are not baptized lack the justice needed to enter heaven and in many cases will also be guilty of actual sin.

Now whilst God alone is the Judge of our souls and MAY provide special graces for the salvation of non-Catholics this is by no means certain.

Now muslims whilst monotheists deny the redemption won by Christ on the Cross, commit blasphemy in denying his Divinity and follow a false prophet.

As far as the Church is concerned that equates to ordering a table for one by the lake of fire, I sometimes wish that all religions were equal but that is an illogical position, we must pray for the salvation of and evangelize muslims as their eternal welfare is at stake.

Thomas Wood said...

"Mad Catholic. Please. No human being has the right to say that anyone is going to the hot place you mention. God alone is the judge of our souls. faci"

All unbelievers, qua unbelievers, go to Hell. Some people may come to Faith by means invisible to us, but that does not affect the fact that the default assumption in the case of e.g. a confessing Protestant should be that he is going to Hell.

job said...

Could you please identify the locality of the ladies in the first photo you show. Is this some local dress in one of the Scottish islands?

gemoftheocean said...

Nickbris: Yeah, I really was feeling for those Muslims this afternoon when I finally broke down and popped open a can of beer. I dedicated every sip to them, along with every bite of the bacon & tomato on toast with mayo I chowed down on later.

[and oh, nuts, Thomas W Probably many a protestant will get in, having done his/her best as far as they were able to know the Lord, and many a Catholic who should know better, and didn't do the will of the Lord might well not.]

I'm just impressed Father B. found a picture of a surfing nun, and not just a surfing nun but a rare "goofy foot" surfing nun at that.

job said...

What is the meaning to the reference to "UST"? Does it have anything to do with the dress of the ladies in the first photograph? Where are they from? Is this a Catholic religious community or a group of Moravians?-- or ladies in their 'Sunday Best' on the outer reaches of Scotland or Friesland?

job said...

Where is 'UST' -- are the ladies in the first photo from there?

Supertradmum said...

oh my goodness, from modesty to questions of no salvation outside the Church. Father Blake, how do you manage? I still like the first outfits best.

gemoftheocean said...

Job, I was impressed Father B. got the "ust" in there. It's the way an old Pennsylvania Dutchman (i.e. someone descended from the first German settlers to Pennsylvania in the 1700s, of which that state has millions, including yours truly) would have often pronounced the word "just."

A set of my great-grandparents (who owned a dairy farm) spoke it to each other. My dad understood some but didn't speak it. It was fairly widespread before massive over-running by "the English" [anyone not PA "Dutch" - a corruption of "Deutsch"] up into the 50s you could quite commonly hear the farmers in the markets speaking it, and I expect around Lancaster you still do amongst the Amish and Mennonite farmers. [And no, my ggparents were neither. Most PA Dutch have/had a Lutheran background.] Eisenhower's family, for instance, hailed from PA Dutch stock.

Gigi said...

@gemoftheocean: aha! I thought "Ust" had a kind of Amish feel to it.
I do feel it must be particularly debilitating to fast in daylight hours when the hours are so long and the days so hot. I was taken aback by the assertion that Muslims who might certainly be called "devout" to their faith are necessarily going to hell, whatever our opinion of that faith.
@Father Ray: it's always difficult in summer; it's natural to enjoy the God-given sunshine on your skin. I am amazed at the amount of flesh being bared at the moment in Brighton, and when and where. I've grown up with the notion of "Sunday Best" for mass. There are indeed some beautiful summer dresses which are designed to make the most of the fine weather but a cardi, shrug or even shawl will cover shoulders, back and chest during mass at least. I saw a young girl at mass with (very) shorts and a halter-neck top and flipflops. Her parents seemed oblivious to the disrespect and insensitivity being displayed (among other things). Brighton IS the seaside; we DO have a beach; but no-one would return from a skiing trip and clomp into mass wearing salopettes and goggles. Actually, being Brighton they just might.
I meant to say Father - I love the cover banner for the blog! It's beautiful and very serene.