Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Roman Visitors

These photographs were taken yesterday from my upstairs landing of the pub opposite. Clearly visible is a member of a certain Roman dicastery. 
I don't know why they should be around here on Maudlin Day, I said nothing very controversial..

What is next?

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George said...

Be careful Father :


epsilon said...

The question is do these visitors from the CDF get an opportunity to step across for late night vigils at St Mags;)

GOR said...

I think it probably has to do with the pictures from the St. Mary Magdalen Day Mass, Father. The CDF would be the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. How they knew about all that smoke in the sanctuary, though, is troubling.

Noticed any drones in the sky over Brighton, recently?

Of course, it could be one of Ab. Mueller’s staff – a ‘secret shopper’ as it were.

Or finally, as I believe there is an opening at IOR, he may just be scouting out candidates.

How’s your Maths these days…?

nickbris said...


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