Monday, July 01, 2013

Liturgical Nymphs

My good friend, the formidable Fr Z, has just posted this as his  Reason #4549 for Summorum Pontificum, normally I just get angry at this type nonsense but this just made me laugh.

Looking at the massed flower arrangements one can understand there is a certain need to alleviate the brutal barrenness and inhumanity of "the liturgical space", or church, as some people still call it, just to introduce something to alleviate its monotony.
I am beginning to wonder whether 'dance' is introduced into modern liturgy for the same purpose. Because modern liturgy is brutal and monotonous and inhuman, like the architecture from the same period.

Why do some people obviously need this kind of candy?


Anonymous said...

But...but...but Father! David danced before the Ark! [/tonguecheek]

Victoria said...

"Why do some people need this kind of candy?"

Because bishops stood by and did nothing when Catholic teaching was watered down from the pulpit and in so-called Catholic schools. We now have two generations who know nothing about the Sacrifice of the Mass or the Real Presence but all about liturgical dancing and discussing last night's party or the football in Mass.

"David danced before the Ark"
He danced in an outdoor procession not in the Holy Place as far as I am aware.

Long-Skirts said...


Who dem ladies
Dressed in yellow
Standin 'neath
That pulpit's fellow –

Dancin' round
From east to west
They one up-man-ship

Did I say man?
I be a mess -
They says they each
A green-godess

And all approved
'Cause they know how
To rock Her dome.

Them cassocked boys
They frown and glare
At them there ladies
Feets all bare.

Then bishop smacks
Upside they heads,
"You cassocked boys
Yo' time is deads.

Them yellow gals -
They sure can sell
Approved hand-baskets
Made for...

...just DO like they
Is much behooved
To shake yo booty
And be approved!"

Matthaeus said...

This looks so comedic that I wonder whether the paricpants were so fed up with Father insisting on a liturgcal dance for the umpteenth year running, that they actually charicatured it.

Can't help but think 'bobbing up and down like this' at the start.

Anonymous said...

Their heads on a plate, NOW! PLEASE!

Genty said...

Nymphs they ain't - but where are the shepherds?

Physiocrat said...

Why do people need this kind of candy? The explanation is starting to be put on a scientific basis as a result of recent work in brain physiology, neurology, linguistics and psychology. As the findings in these separate but related disciplines are put together, some sort of an explanation is beginning to emerge. It seems as if spoken language addresses the most recent (in evolutionary terms) structures of the brain. And the act of thinking is also largely non-verbal and takes place below the level of awareness.

Movement and gestures affect the older and longer-established brain structures. The brain is now known to contain "mirror neurons". This work like this. Movements are activated by particular neurons in the person making the action and the same neurons in your own brain are activated if you are watching the person making the movement. This is due to the presence of these mirror neurons. This activity of the brain has been detected through the use of new techniques of functional imaging.

The effect is to give rise to feelings and changes of mood as they affect one of the core structures of the brain known as the hypothalamus.

This recent knowledge has yet to be incorporated into philosophy and theology. The Freemasons have always understood this as they use their elaborate ceremonial to put across their philosophical ideas founded on Gnosticism and Neoplatonism. In the light of this knowledge, the V2 liturgists did exactly the wrong thing. A more effective reform would have been to bring the liturgy as closely into line with Byzantine practice. The endurance of Byzantine Christianity would explain why they would have a sound understanding of faith even if they were less thorough in their theoretical studies. It becomes grained-in through experience of the liturgy itself.

Delia said...

Hilarious! I kept hoping they'd try to come through the holes and get stuck.

But I guess it shows the human need to use the body in worship, which the Novus Ordo doesn't really allow for – all those bowings and making the sign of the Cross in Eastern liturgies, and the genuflection in the Creed etc. etc. in the TLM.

gemoftheocean said...

All it would take would be for a handful of courageous congregants to simultaneous whip out a pack of cigarettes and light up while this crap is going on. Seriously. I'd be tempted to join in, and I don't even smoke. AFAIK smoking doesn't break the fast.

Patricius said...

"Why do some people obviously need this kind of candy?"

What evidence is there that anyone other than those participating- and the clergy responsible- actually want this sort of thing? As pointed out above, there are no males actively involved. I think it is a(n old) girl thing favoured by clergy with addled brains.

job said...

for such 'developments' in a liturgical setting one should look to the malign influence of TV and such things on people. TV has changed 'expectations' for public and non-public gatherings.

Physiocrat said...

Job - not really, there is enough liturgical dance in the Extraordinary Form of the Mass to satisfy any normal desire for that kind of thing. And the benefit is that it actually promotes the understanding of the faith at the deepest level. This other stuff is diabolical, both metaphorically and literally.

Aitch said...

Oh my, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. The ugly brutal architecture and the silly dance. It's all so yesterday and self indulgent.

Anonymous said...

All it would take would be for a handful of courageous congregants to simultaneous whip out a pack of cigarettes and light up while this crap is going on. Seriously. I'd be tempted to join in, and I don't even smoke. AFAIK smoking doesn't break the fast.

It doesn't break the fast, but if you don't want to smoke I'll bring my pipe and form the smoking brigade and you can bring a vuvuzela and pretend you are at the World Cup.

Mike Hurcum said...

279 ypeeninDavid danced naked and look what God did to the women who watched.

Fr Seán Coyle said...

There's a certain irony in the choice of music. Copland used the old Shaker hymn 'Simple Gifts' in his 'Appalachian Spring'. The concept of beauty that Shakers had, as I understand, was in the functionality of anything they made or did. I don't see any connection between the activity on the video with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, if indeed it was some kind of prelude to a Mass.

Ma Tucker said...

This is fine for a fairytale play but it really is out of place at Mass. One of the dancers looks like he has eaten too many cupcakes and really can't nymph it properly. You can't be dancing like that with a pop belly. It doesn't look right at all.

Malvenu said...

I've never watched anything like this before.

I sometimes joke that if money was no object for me i would buy all stretched-limos in the world and other stretched vehicles and crush every last one of them.

On viewing this i think i would first buy all nu "catholic" church buildings and, having first removed the crucifix (as the only thing vaguely Catholic), raze them to the ground. Then the nutters can either go somewhere else or sit down and be catechised.

I thank God that when i was thinking of entering the Catholic Church i did not come across such crap as this. Actually, crap isn't the word. Blasphemy.

John Nolan said...

It's all to do with a crisis in western culture. Narcissistic, self-indulgent and proletarian forms are all-pervasive. Even the Remembrance Day ceremony at the RAH has become a pop concert. Popular "culture" is meretricious and contaminates all that it comes into contact with, and the sacred liturgy is no exception since in the 1960s this type of inculturation was actively encouraged.

We now have two generations who have been brainwashed with this crap and wouldn't recognize real liturgy anyway, and there are plenty of people still around (both clerical and lay) who are actively promoting "in the spirit of Vatican II" this pernicious nonsense.

I can't believe that I have spent my entire adult life (50 years) trying to avoid this sort of thing. Are we deliberately being put to the test?

epsilon said...

The creator of the "altar"
Richard L Jorasch:
see his obituary of last year

Evidently "for seismic reasons" the great Berkeley museum will have to come down...

Seaneinn said...

I am sure I saw something like this on the BBC over the weekend from Glastonbury, what is with the two holes in the lump of wood are they stocks ?

GOR said...

So very 70s - "Lord of the Dance"...?

Damask Rose said...

The Catholic Church is becoming more pagan witnessed through over-involvement of women on the sanctuary. Think of ancient Rome with their vestal virgins and classical Greece and their priestesses.

I think St John Vianney said something about how people (Catholics) without the priest would soon be worshipping beasts.

But we are kind of priestless now aren't we. The majority of priests teach nothing, won't touch sexual morality with a barge pole. It's as Victoria said at 3.17am.

Remember when Moses - the Israelites' priest (if you like) went up Mount Sinai to get the 10 Commandments. He only left the people for a short while and they ended up dancing round the golden calf.

Priestless can mean a lot of things. No catechesis is one, but if the priests aren't Real Men to begin with, well, are they really priests? Surely a travesty to alter Christus, in persona Christi.

Do you really think a red blooded, confident, masculine priest (and comfortable in his masculinity) is going to let this dancing happen in his parish, or even allow the parish to develop in such a way that this kind of thing can happen?

Aitch said...

It's spreading like some deadly virus - lots of hysterical laughter.

Anonymous said...

This sort or thing only happens in left wing parishes. I won't be seeing this stuff on Mother Angelica's network.

I've been to two left wing parishes. The first one the priest , a ofm, did not distribute communion. He had the EMs do it. The second one had the priest telling the congregation to give greetings to our neighbor before the start of Mass. No liturgical dance -- when i was there.

Fred Brown said...

Someone should inform them, in charity, that taking opioids and other mind altering drugs are against the fifth commandment?