Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Cardinal Burke Cancels London Engagement

It appears Cardinal Raymond Burke has cancelled his visit to speak at the Pro-Ecclesia et Ponifice meeting in London later in June.
Anyone know why?
We seem to be developing a tradition in England of inviting prominent ecclesiastics, only to have cancel or be cancelled, what is going on?


michael said...

Sorry to hear this! Nothing yet on the net as far as I can see! Father would you be so kind as to test my Blog:The Jarrow Scriptorium, I can't get your Papal Flag to fly!



PP said...

I was once told by 'the powers that be' to "Just cancel it." after securing the services of a curial cardinal to speak at a clergy gathering in England.

His Eminence was most gracious about the matter. His private secretary certainly wasn't.

It was good for my humility. I just don't get involved in organising things now.

Anonymous said...

I am not certain about the dates,but the Cardinal is engaged in a Canon Law Conference in late June in LaCrose, Wisconsin in the US. Someone may have double booked.
The Rev. Michael P. Forbes,
Rochester, MN USA

surge said...

Yes, it is cancelled.

PP said...

from the Catholic Herald site

Daphne McLeod, chairman of Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice, said that Cardinal Burke had been informed by “several devout and faithful people” that his speaking at the conference would be divisive because Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice “are too outspoken and don’t have respect for the bishops”.

“We’re whistle-blowers, and we have enemies,”
she said.