Saturday, June 04, 2011

Slur on our Bishops

Apparently The Tablet is campaigning for the ordination of women, well it would, wouldn't it? I suspect that it is very conscious recognition that its future is as a liberal Anglican magazine as its Catholic readership dwindles.

What I find worrying is the impression that some have is that our bishops are supporting women's ordination, not just by allowing the sale of that magazine at the back of every Cathedral in the country, which I suspect indicates no bishop ever reads it, but The Tablet also carries this slur, which really does need refuting.

‘Tina Beattie, professor of Catholic studies at Roehampton University, said bishops in England and Wales were maintaining a public silence on women’s ordination but were nevertheless allowing lay Catholics and theologians the freedom to express their views. As an example, she pointed to the fact that Conor Gearty, professor of human rights law at the London School of Economics, recently delivered a ‘Faith Matters’ lecture at Westminster Cathedral Hall supporting women’s ordination’. p. 7

I am sure Archbishop Nichols would be horrified to read this, as would every other bishop in the country. All of our bishops are loyal to the Magisterium, it is an act of supreme wickedness on the part Professor Beattie to suggest any disloyalty on their part, perhaps she might like to name names.

I do not know if I risk legal action, but I suggest the Professor is telling untruths or at the least has an over active imagination.


shane said...

She's right that the bishops (not just in England) have done nothing to discipline heretics. Bishops since Vatican II are softies when it comes to ecclesiastical discipline.

rachel said...

i would hope that all Catholics would boycott this publication,as indeed all churches should.Church of England clergy,and thier parishoners have come over to'us'because of the ordination of women and the prospect of ordination of women Bishops-which is repugnant.I wish to offend no-one but if any Catholics wish to see the ordination of women then theyre in the wrong church-i'm sure the Church of England will accomodate you!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you being serious, Father?

umblepie said...

Father, surely the remedy is simple.The Bishops should collectively publicly rebuke the Tablet for publishing this and other views contrary to Church teaching,demanding an apology and retraction. If this is not forthcoming, ban the sale of the publication in all churches.The problem is that if the Bishops do nothing, or say nothing, then inevitably there is a suspicion that they perhaps condone what is published.

The Raven (C. Corax) said...

I am pleased to report that the Tablet has not been on sale in my local (E&W) Cathdedral for at least seven years.

INFO said...

Next week Monday to Friday
Prayer for the Day. BBC Radio 4

Professor Tina Beattie.

Patricius said...

I daresay that the bishops are maintaining silence on this issue quite simply because, following the papal statements, there is nothing more that can be said on it.
A question:
By what right is The Tablet called a "Catholic" publication?

Fr Ray Blake said...

EF Pastor,

videomaker said...

Let's not rush to conclusions, Father! After all, who knows what's down the road?

Anonymous said...

Father Ray,

I would agree with a ban on The Tablet.
I am reluctant to enter into any discussion on women "priests", in accordance with previous Pope's "request.
I know two Bishops in the present conference who were (are?) of the opinion, in private!, that it is only a matter of time until we have women priests. I heard one say it would happen as soon as JPII died!

benedict said...

Father, rather than use "untruths" which may lead you into troubled waters, may I suggest you follow Winston Churchill and use:

"terminological inexactitudes"

nickbris said...

Listening to Tina is a dangerous occupation,she has one of those voices that hynnotise.

She won't take no for an answer and everybody else in the debate gives up.

Bit like Anne Robinson,when her voice comes on the TV it echoes piercingly around the house.Another one was that woman that took over in 1979 and set the stage for all the trouble we are in now.

I wonder what Michael Winner would make of her.

JARay said...

Perhaps the former Bishop of Toowoomba should write to the Bishops' Conference of E&W and ask if they have any vacancies.

David Joyce said...

I would agree with her - when Archbishop Nicholas was asked about homosexuality, he hardly gave the impression of being "loyal" to the Magisterium:

SS: The Church of England for example in this country is taking a rather different view. They believe there has to be some flexibility. The church has to be a reflection of society's values to a certain extent and therefore we see women priests, women vicars, and there's obviously in some parts of the Anglican Communion, women bishops.

AN: Certainly.

SS: Some of their vicars are also prepared to sanction gay unions. That church is showing flexibility. Is the Catholic Church not going to have to do the same eventually?

AN: I don't know. Who knows what's down the road?

[source: Christian Order]

From Manchester said...

"...the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him."

The Holy Spirit seeks out those who best convey the truth in a manner appropriate to the period and culture.

In our age the broadcasting media has turned to those whom the public appreciate, who speak for the people in the pews and who have been complimented directly in email, letters and telephone calls to the office and whose return is frequently requested.

GOR said...

I think one reason why bishops don’t correct/discipline wayward theologians is fear. Unfortunately, it is not Fear of God - a gift of the Holy Spirit - but fear of men, and perhaps more especially: women.

Just as some ‘liturgists’ denigrated Pope Benedict saying he was not “a trained liturgist” (!), some theologians denigrate bishops as not being “trained theologians”. These theologians are of the opinion that they are a magisterium unto themselves and bishops should follow them rather than vice versa. If the Gospels somewhere mention that Our Lord called theologians to lead the Church, I must have missed it.

Time and again Pope Benedict has reminded theologians of their role in the Church – to study and elucidate the doctrines of the Church and the truths of Faith – not to create new doctrines or new ‘truths’. And the most important virtue they should cultivate is humility, mindful that God often spurns the ‘wise’ but reveals truth to ‘little ones’.

Some theologians have still not gotten the message.

shadowlands said...

I posted a comment on their blog/website today, advising women to seek their true feminine identity through Mary, as a role model and not always be looking for male affirmation/equality (they wanted to be acknowledged by the Bishops for their hard work in the Church). Jesus isn't acknowledged by us nearly enough, so ofcourse we will fail each other in gratitude. And the devil will try and set us against each other, male and female.

The greatest male affirmation ever given to a woman, was given to Mary, by God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

To become close to Mary, to work with her, through prayer and entering into the rosary (which is entering into the gospel)is fulfilling God's kingdom. This is to be acknowledged and affirmed as a woman by the three greatest male person's ever. I was going to say, in existence but I'm not too sure of my terminology?

Anyway, I wouldn't swap what I've found, in order to be a priest. It would mean denying who I have only recently discovered I truly am and am constantly becoming, if I embrace it. I hope that doesn't sound too mixed up. I know what I mean anyway!!!

If it can happen for me, it can happen for you too.

terry said...

"As an example, she pointed to the fact that Conor Gearty, professor of human rights law at the London School of Economics, recently delivered a ‘Faith Matters’ lecture at Westminster Cathedral Hall supporting women’s ordination’"

What she fails to point out is that on the Westminster Cathedral website, the website then put up links showing exactly what the Church`s position was on women`s ordination, homosexuality etc

This was anything but tacit approval of such views or of discussion on the validity of the teaching


To ascribe such views to the Bishops and to Westminster is in the least mischievous

B. said...

How can you be so sure of that? Are the English bishops so much better than the bishops of Germany and Switzerland, some of whom have come out in favor of women's ordination in the past months?

Alan said...

Thank you so much for the link to the interview with Archbishop Nichols referred to by Videomaker. Very enlightening.
The contribution by David Joyce is also helpful.
For academics, including those professing loyalty to the Magisterium, a Theology of Priesthood is developing very rapidly indeed.
"who knows what is down the road".

Sadie Vacantist said...

The ravishing Tina Beattie is merely relaying what is spouted on trad blogs by way of criticism of our Bishops. Whilst Conor Gearty has a strange set of priorities given the state of the Irish economy. Especially ironic given that he teaches at the "LSE". In any event, trads (and their secular equivalents) are turning to blogs where Tina and Conor look out of place. Why bother blogging with views readily availble in the mainstream media and academia?

Phil. et al said...

Why display a photo of The Vicar of Dibley?
Tina Beattie and her theology is much more my cup of tea.

Definitely not past her sell-by date physically and theologically.

Check out her latest books, a bulwark against atheism. She is an asset, a gem.

videomaker said...

The video I linked earlier has been removed and re-uploaded HERE.

Vera said...

Phil. et al,

"A bulwark against atheism", possibly; but Ms Beattie is more obviously a bulwark against Catholicism.

fidelisjoff said...

One of the first actions of my English diocesan bishop was to give a massive sum of
Money to buy a house that supported "womens" ministry in the Church. His actions said what was important to him.

tempus putationis said...

Dear Father, not all our bishops are all that they could be and should be. One small example: I have a copy of the latest Portsmouth People diocesan magazine, in which an extract from a Bible Society publication discusses 'sexism'. The ordination of women is presented as an ongoing discussion, and there is no attempt on the part of this Catholic diocesan publication to put into context the text written from a protestant viewpoint. Will there be an apology for this in the next issue, and a clarification of Catholic teaching on the matter? Will there, nuts!

videomaker said...

The edition of Portsmouth People mentioned can be read


See page 9, penultimate paragraph.

Peter said...

Congratulations to Dr Jay Kettle-Williams (editor Portsmouth People)for the best diocesan newsletter I have ever seen and thank you Father for displaying the link.