Sunday, June 12, 2011

Voice of the Church at Pentecost

All are beautiful

Mozart is exuberant

Taize is mysterious

but this...

this is the authentic voice of the Western Church at prayer at Pentecost.


diff said...

Thank you Father, and I agree entirely. Why do many Catholics now celebrate the Feast of Pentecost as though they were Pentecostals rather than Catholics?

When I suggested things like this for Our Pentecost Vigil I was told it was "overly Monastic" And that was without suggesting the Sequence in Gregorian Chant.

celia said...

Appropriate, beautiful and simple enough for any congregation to sing with a little practice.
Wasn't this the sort of music that Paul VI wanted used at Mass? But no, we got Kumbaya and the banal stuff about all of my hopes and all of my dreams that's inflicted on us

Laurence England said...

A lady was singing it in Polish after Mass using a microphone. Beautiful voice. It sounded like it was being sung in Polish.

Laurence England said...

I think what I am saying is the Latin makes it easier for us to all, Polish or English, hear the Gospel in 'our own language'.

Asteroid said...

I took the opportunity today to visit the local Dominicans for mass which I can do from time to time now.

Mass no.1 this morning was going very well until the final hymn. We'd had solid Catholic hymns from our rich heritage, decent liturgical music and even a chanted sequence. But then for the final hymn we had "Shine, Jesus, Shine" which quite apart from any musical or theological grumbles isn't really apt for Pentecost - something at least mentioning the Holy Spirit might be better.

Mass no.2 was sung Latin EF which they've had regularly for 19 years so they weren't going to go far astray musically. (And we even got a jibe against Pentecostals in the homily!)

stmarymagdalenchoir said...

Laurence, they were singing the Veni Creator spiritus, the office hymn, that we sang at the Offertory. They were singing it in Polish and English alternating languages between verses. What l thought was wonderful was that irrespective of what language it was being sung in, the Veni Creator is considered to be THE hymn of Pentecost and we were all singing it.. It is sadly quite rare that we sing the same music at our English Mass that is then sung at the Polish Mass.

pelerin said...

The Vigil Mass from Notre-Dame Paris was broadcast on the internet yesterday evening and to my surprise when the Veni Creator was sung (in Latin) the cardinal, bishops and priests present all turned 'ad orientem.' You could have knocked me down with a feather!

Anonymous said...

Blessed Pentecost! and a rich embertide.

Mike Forbes+

Peter said...

Comment from another blog on altar rails and not kneeling.

"Funny how heresy so often goes along with a penchant for protestant liturgical practices...."

I have had reason to visit two protestant churches recently, giving lifts to neighbours.
The Methodists all knelt at rails for the bread and "wine", the conservative evangelical Anglicans the same. The latter are far from RC Catholicism and Anglo-Catholic liturgy.
The Communion service in both places seemed devout.
Rails are practical. I do not kneel at Mass because I can't bend but with a rail I could and would.
It's not a protestant thing.

Gigi said...

Thank you Father Ray. Over the past year, I've come to really love the music from Taize: but there is still nothing as soothing and achingly lovely as Gregorian Chant. I think I might even be able to sleep now.