Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Arinze, Brother Georg and the Conservatives

Sensible old Cardinal Arinze shares his surprise at the Pope's abdication.

The Pope's brother, who is often almost indiscreet, has also been sharing his thoughts too.

It seems as if he is blaming the butler and the lack of reconcilliation with the SSPX as being reasons for his brother's departure. I think the betrayal by a close servant must have been deeply hurtful to the Pope but it is more that this was the result of the factionalism in the Vatican that has been problematical, the strife between the camps of the present Secretary of State and his predecessor Cardinal Sodano which has acted as a drag anchor on Pope Benedict's Papacy.

Again, I suspect the reference to the SSPX is more what is symbolised by the failure to reconcile them, rather than the actual failure itself. For Benedict their reconciliation symbolised the success of his programme to reconcile the post-VII Church with the pre-VII Church, the idea of "hermeneutic of continuity".

There isn't really an obvious "Liberal" faction in the Curia, what there is are the Conservatives, those who had great influence under JPII, who certainly see VII as both a break with the past and yet continuity - which they themselves defined - in many ways they are the authors of the Spirit of VII. They certainly would not want reconciliation with the SSPX, if of course the SSPX actually want it themselves, it seems increasingly as if they want to remain exactly where they are, not quite in or out of Communion.

I really do not think we should regard the Pope's abdication as a failure but rather an honest admission that he has done a great deal but now it is time for a younger man, he has planted, someone else will reap. I am sure that Pope Benedict will remain silent and retire to his cloister but I am intrigued by what the Pope's brother will do and say, will he be tempted to nudge the media a little?

I am told that there is great deal of flurry in the Vatican at the moment, John XXIII when asked how many people worked in the Vatican, replied, "About half", well it seems as if that half are trying to get things that should have happened year ago done in the next few days.


Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

There is one SSPX candle which rejoined its flame to rome's - papa stronsay. Pope Benedict ended up with so much kirk dirty laundry he must have felt like he'd been working for the magdalene's for eight years - no offense but if there's any evidence on the social justice ground of calvinist infiltration of catholicism that's it.

A godly man [BXVI] in an ungodly age
Published: 2/12/13
by Patrick J. Buchanan

Anonymous said...

hear on the grapevine that some of those "loyal" "conservative cardinals" are quite upset that the Pope has decided to live in Rome in future! They had hoped he would go into exile!

Highland Cathedral said...

In days gone by it was the practice among some people in India that a widow (still living) was cremated along with her dead husband. Maybe there should be a rule that the brothers of former Popes should accompany them into a permanent exile of silence.

Tancred said...

I wasn't aware that the door of reconciliation had been closed. In fact, comments by +Di Noia recently seem to suggest otherwise.

JARay said...

Your comment in a previous posting that the latter years of the pontificate of JP II were effectively a sede vacante, seem to have been echoed by other posters, who have commented that having seen what went on during those latter years, Benedict decided that he would ensure that they did not happen during his pontificate.
And, it has been further pointed out, he was ensuring that they would not happen again. He has set a precedent, that those who follow him will not be able to ignore. He really has been a Pope of great surprises! God bless him!

Nicolas Bellord said...

I would have thought that any incoming Pope would be glad to have somebody on hand like Benedict XVI to give him advice. Let us hope that it is somebody in the Benedict mould but younger and thus having the necessary vigour to deal with tough situations.

gemoftheocean said...

"of course the SSPX actually want it themselves, it seems increasingly as if they want to remain exactly where they are" The classic "well, DUH!!! no kidding, Sherlock" applies.

I wish the Pope had figured that out much earlier. He expended far too much time on those toads, the vast majority of whom have no wish to be reconciled. All they want is groveling by whomever is pope.

I don't think Brother Georg will be too tempted to spill the beans. If he doesn't have loose lips regards confession, he shouldn't find it difficult to keep his cookies re: his brother's inner thoughts.

I hope whomever is next in the chair has the intestinal fortitude to clear out that pack of good-for-nothings in the curia who were so unhelpful and who frankly stabbed the present pope in the back on numerous occasions.

And if Cardinal Mahoney and a few others had any decency, they should vote "present." They have no business putting their two cents in. They who have caused so much of the stress in the church these last few decades should have the common courtesy to butt out and resign themselves. In their cases preferably to St. Helena. Without wifi.

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