Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dome of Home: the Video

I like the idea of there being a "New" Brighton on the Wirrall, I feel a spiritual affinity to it and so I am more than happy to post this video on the blog belonging to a priest in "old" Brighton.
What I find amazing is energy and vitality that is being rekindled in this once failing Church.
Is there something the rest of us could learn from this audacious experiment?


Zephyrinus said...

Divine Liturgy.

Thank you, Fr, for making this video available on your Blog.

in Domino.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

Thank you for this post: "a beacon, announcing hope!" Sitll astounds me that liturgists thought there was something to 'fix' - exactly what needs fixing in the grace, solemnity, beauty, gentless, yet rock solid regenerativeness of tradition presented here? This is radical - a Church fallen into disuse and given up - not to become a pub, a yoga centre, or an events hall. Imagine a Church 'repurposed' to be a shrine to Our Lord! These days they call it 'steampunk' - out with the 'new' (u-g-l-y it ain't go no alibi) and in with the 'old'.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

p.s. church repurposed or resurrected?

Michael Voris on Church resurrection (which he believes is taking place):

"There isn’t a man worth his weight in testosterone who would die for the Church of Nice .. but there isn’t a man who knows and loves the Faith that wouldn’t die in a heartbeat for the Church Militant - the name given the Church here on earth that the Holy Father said, just last year, is described by no other name that more captures its essence...Young men are having something stirred up inside them .. something that speaks to their masculinity; something which inspires them to want to devote themselves to the truth and the faith, and if need be die for it .. but in the meantime .. certainly live a life of sacrifice for it. It is a clear and undeniable sign of the activity of the Holy Spirit .. as He once again breathes life into the young. Chesterton once said, what proves that the Church is Divine isn’t that it doesn’t die .. he actually pinpointed 5 times in history he believed it had died, but that it was continually being resurrected...The Church of Nice is dying because it lost its way. The Church Militant is resurrecting and taking its place."

Nicolas Bellord said...

Very inspiring! How about Mark Davies for Pope?

BJC said...

At last. Properly trained priests again.

James said...

I ventured up to Liverpool two weeks ago as the newsletter promised a full evening programme of confession, Vespers, Exposition, Benediction and Holy Mass.
I took a non-Catholic friend I'm working on and we arrived at the church just after 5.00pm, the listed time for confession. As the box was empty, I knocked on the door of the side chapel and was informed by a lady that there were no confessions and no Vespers.
We had to wander around New Brighton for an hour until Exposition began, followed by Mass (no sermon). Two things struck me after my disappointment; the Canons there have no money whatsoever; and just because a Traditional order have moved in it doesn't mean everything will prosper, 'As if by magic.' The attendance at Mass was less than 20, less then half of what they get in my local OF parish.
These priests and this mission need greater support from all of us if they are to flourish.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

'these priests need greater support'. no doubt.

when was the last time I found a church of nice that had confession more than one half-hour in an entire week? or had vespers, ever? exposition (I don't think any parishes for a hundred miles have a monstrance).. Mass sans a new age sermon - breath of fresh air. dusting off the the recent building on sand may take a while but
let's at least hope they'll find bedrock again. the church of 'nice' is a church of hypocritical 'disinterest'. it has a robust disinterest in the glory that grew up with the Church and that was supposed to evince a recognition of the glory of God. it is disinterested in upholding a clear sense of the bequested 'necessities' of the faith, just as it has an icy disinterest in 'catholic enquiry', especially where that enquiry is seeking faith and not interfaith - it's about what priests do outside of the mass and what the faithful do to make everyone feel better about themselves, in error or not. so many parishes teach an approach that has no concept of an objective truth without which 'better' is just another purchase that'll turn into buyer's remorse. the church of nice is uncomprimisingly interested in the world and other 'truths'. Christus Rex is almost an oxymoron for the church of nice. if the Dome is reaching through all that to let truth breathe again God bless them, because we'll all be blessed as a result.

johnf said...

Thank you for posting this Father.

I was born and brought up in Liverpool and my family often visited New Brighton when we were children. With fairground and amusements, it was a sort of Blackpool for those less well off.

The New Brighton museum was interesting. Amongst its exhibits was very large rat - looking like a small dog - which had been caught in Liverpool sewers.

In the 1950's, the brand new 'Royal Iris' ferry used to sail between the Liverpool Pier Head and New Brighton and on occasion out to the Liverpool bar when hired out as a pleasure cruiser.

She was a descendant of the famous Mersey ferry boat, the Iris and her sister the Daffodil which had attained their 'Royal' prefix in view of their gallant action at Zeebrugge in WW1.

Zephyrinus said...

Somewhat off topic, Fr, but johnf mentioned the "Daffodil" in his Comment.

One wonders whether it's the same "Daffodil" that used to sail regularly out of Margate and Ramsgate in the 50s and 60s ?

Perhaps johnf knows ?

Otherwise, again, an excellent and stimulating Post, Fr, on this wonderful, Divine, resurgence of Catholic Liturgy in New Brighton.

Thank God for the Institute of Christ The King Sovereign Priest.

May I, respectfully, urge your Readers to consider enabling Reverend Canon Olivier Meney to continue providing this Divine Liturgy in New Brighton by contributing something to his enormous upkeep costs ?

Canon Meney's can be contacted on

Thank you, Fr.

in Domino.

Chloe said...

Please to remember that priests can sometimes be held up an arrive late. You didn't have "to wander around New Brighton for an hour until Exposition began" You could have spent the time in front of the Blessed Sacrament. He is still there even when there is no Vespers. Canon is learning English very quickly but it is still very time consuming for him to write a sermon in English, so he does not, as yet, write a sermon ever day.

what we have in New Brighton is absolutely wonderful! Have some patience, please!


Chloe said...

By the way, Canon Montjean is now the Rector. A bit of trivia, there is also a New Brighton in North Wales, near Mold. Winefried

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