Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Brighton Greens are Pro-Rat!

Brighton stinks!

The bin men are on strike here., there is a smell of decay that grows stronger as you come closer to one of the "community" bins. I saw my first rat here last night

Well, I did warn some of my parishioners the Green party were pro-abortion, pro-destruction of the family but I hadn't realised they were also pro-rat. Though I should have realised that when our prospective Green Councillor started turning up at the Polish Mass and stopped immediately she was elected!


Physiocrat said...

So that's what I am missing by having moved away.

To be fair, it is not the fault of the local council, whatever party is running it. Councils can not raise much revenue by themselves except through things like parking fines. So they are (under)-funded by central government and the services are bought-in under tight conditions.

The main concern of central government is to cut taxes and pump up property ie land values with ridiculous schemes such as "help to buy". That money goes into the pockets of the house building companies as it drives up the value of the land in their "land banks". So the local councils have to give their workers worse pay and conditions and it is not a surprise that they object by going on strike. To fatten up the housebuilders' profits. They have been doing recently, on taxpayers' money. That is the real scandal. Rats are a spin-off.

blondpidge said...

Beat me to it Fr. Spied a rat in our garden yesterday which is obviously worrying given the children.

There are also gangs of 'entrepreneurs' in the city with plastic buckets demanding money to litter pick. They were very aggressive yesterday, my friend wasn't allowed to pass with her pushchair.

In the meantime we have not enough primary school places, children are being dumped in makeshift classrooms, in non Catholic schools and yet the council is spending thousands upon gender neutral toilets and engaging consultants to remove gender-related titles on council paperwork.

Welcome to life under the Greens. Rubbish & rats on the streets, not enough primary school places and a gender free utopia!

Fr. Gabriel Burke C.C. said...

@Physiocrat, while I agree with the general thrust of your remarks I do have one question. Why are Local councils running bin services?
We are similar here in Ireland vis a vis the power of Local councils and raising funds. The majority of their funding comes from central government but when it comes to bin collections councils opted out of this. We now have private firms who provide this service. The competition has brought down prices. Here in my parish we have at least three different companies offering their services, all are cheaper than the fee we used to pay the council.

The Bones said...

'Brighton’s bin men today begin a week-long strike after their employer threatened them with a £4,000 pay cut.

The GMB members, employed in refuse, recycling and street sweeping, voted by 95.6% in favour of taking industrial action in response to Green Party plans to reduce their take home pay.

The dispute began in January when the Council’s Green Party leader, Jason Kitcat, gave full authority to its £150,000 Chief Executive, Penny Thompson, to negotiate and implement a revised pay and allowances package without any recourse to councillors. This led to a final offer being made in April, which included cuts of up to £4,000 a head from some of the council’s lowest paid employees.

Charles Harrity, GMB Senior Organiser for Brighton & Hove City Council, said: “GMB members employed by Brighton & Hove City Council are facing massive cuts to their take-home pay following Green Party & Conservative plans to alter their terms and conditions.'

To have your pay cut by £4,000 when the cost of living is going up all the time is a big ask. Seems to me the whole country stinks.

nickbris said...

Thank God,it spells the beginning of the end for the FRAUDULENT GREENS.

The Bin-Men do have a Union to represent them but the lowly paid Hospital workers are being treated like slaves

Physiocrat said...

Fr Burke - the Council is presumably running the bin service because it put in the lowest tender against the competition. The thing has been a mess ever since councils stopped doing the refuse collection. They bid low and then charge for extras so there is no saving. The service was more efficient when councils did it.

The underlying problem is that the whole public sector is under-funded. I am not defending the Greens or anyone else but people should not be blamed for getting things wrong when they are not properly in control.

IanW said...

"The whole public sector is under-funded". Yes, I'm sure, it always is. Surely you can be a little more analytical, incisive or whatever, P? Or do you work in the public sector, perhaps?

Physiocrat said...


Look at the state of the public realm in Britain. When one arrives in Britain, the air of shabbiness is the first thing that strikes one. It is one of the reasons I will not live in the UK. Everything in the public realm is mean and pennypinched.

Britain's stupid tax system has locked millions out of productive employment and that saddles the taxpayer with a massive welfare bill on top, but then the same can be said of most countries in the EU.

nickbris said...

If they are not in control then they should have the guts to say so and resign. The GREENS are just a useless bunch of chancers who got in by spinning a load of lies and hoodwinking the most vulnerable in our City.

Next time they will be wiped off the face of the earth

JARay said...

The Greens are the most noxious bunch of politicians in existence.
They are pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia, anti-Catholic, pro-population control...etc.,etc..
When I have to vote in any elections here in Australia I always put the Greens last in my preferential votes.

Genty said...

The Greens are pretty much Marxists in disguise. Remember the Green councillor who was expelled from the local party for opposing a council vote in support of SSM.
The bin mens' strike is being used by one faction to overthrow the ruling side. Anyone who's been in a trade union will recognise this as a classic left-wing tactic to grab power.
It's academic anyway. They'll find themselves in the wilderness following the next council election. Unfortunately, there's another year of loony tunes.

Physiocrat said...

And after the Greens, then what? The car drivers' party? Or the other lot? Round and round it goes.

JARay said...

Here in Australia our government has twice thrown out legislation which attempted to introduce same sex "marriage".
Within the last week, in the face of massive rejection of SSM, we have Senator Sarah Hanson-Young trying to get it via the backdoor. She has just put up a Bill to declare that all SSMs granted overseas, be recognised as marriage, within Australia. Need I tell you that this woman is a member of the Greens party.

JARay said...

I just had to post this. the Bill which Senator Hanson-Young introduced into our Senate here, which would have accepted SSMs performed overseas, being accepted here in Australia....has just been voted down by our Senate!

gemoftheocean said...

Yuck. And you can't even shoot the b******s or club them to death. Nasty creatures.

That applies to the rats too.

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