Thursday, June 06, 2013

Francis and Benedict and the Liturgy

From NLMAbbot Michael Zielinski OSB from the Vatican's Congregation for Divine Worship discusses the differences and similarities between the liturgical approaches of Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis. (Catholic News Service)
I think Benedict left the Church a great deal to build on, Francis will leave us a more personal legacy.


vetusta ecclesia said...

The abbot tries hard but he hasn't really anything to say if he is to avoid expressing regret at the present Pope's ars celebrandi.

Damask Rose said...

This is what I think:

1. Pope Benedict showed us how to do the Liturgy.

2. Pope Francis will show us how to believe (ie through Francis' simple catechetical homilies, Gospel faith, back-to-basics).

(For instance, remember 70% Catholics don't believe in the Real Presence, "it's a symbol", this can generate irreverence/indifferentism and leads to it being OK to have Communion in the hand, music groups on the sanctuary and so on).

3. If the Catholics don't believe, they won't want the rightful Liturgy.

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