Sunday, November 03, 2013

God's Love

I rather like Eckhart's, "If we say man is 'good', then we must say God is 'not good', if we say God is 'good' then we cannot say man is 'good'. There is always a danger of making God in our own image and likeness, of seeing him as just a super human being or making him into a golden calf.
There some modern fallacies about God which seem more the construction of a 'valueless' society than Christian Revelation.

God's love is infinite but what it certainly isn't is "unconditional".

God is long suffering but he is not tolerant.

God is merciful but he is also just.


Celia said...

I liked what Archbishop Muller of the CDF had to say recently about God's mercy, in the context of communion for the divorced and remarried: yes, God is infinitely merciful, but he is also holy and just. His mercy is extended to the penitent sinner, but because sin offends against his holiness and in so doing requires just reparation we shouldn't, as people often seem to now, assume that he will forgive sin automatically.
I found that latter view in my time in the C of E and remember arguing with a vicar who maintained that repentance was nowhere mentioned in the Gospels. Really.

Shirelands Goldadors said...

I like this on God's love:

“There is no occupation or social condition, no sin or crime of any kind, that could erase from the memory and the heart of God even one of His children.” God is a Father, always keeping a watchful and loving vigil “to see reborn in the hearts of the child the desire to return home. And when He recognizes that desire, even simply stated, He is immediately close by, and with His forgiveness He makes the path of conversion and return easier.” - Pope Francis

TLMWx said...

Fr. Ray, I get the third one but the first and second?

I truly do believe that God's love is unconditional. He loves His enemies regardless of their hatred for Him. Hell is the loving place for them if they do not repent.

I do not understand the distinction between being tolerant and being long suffering. I have always equated the two. Is there a distinction and if so what is it?

zigmaman said...

I'm with you on # 2, God is indeed tolerant. I have a problem with # 1. God's love is "unconditional", but only until we take our last mortal breath. The last one # 3., Is the most perplexing.

"God is merciful but he is just Also."

This is true. So long as it is the right kind of judgment we are talking about ie, 'not' Vindictive Justice

Unknown said...

I'm with you on #2, God is indeed tolerant/ I have a problem with #1. It is "unconditional"; but only until we take our last mortal breath. The last one #3.,is the most perplexing.

"God is merciful but he is also just."

This is true. So long as it is the right kind of judgement we are talking about i.e., 'not' Vindictive Justice

polycarped said...

The Python clip is just brilliant - thank you.

Unknown said...

Where do people get that God's love is unconditional?? I don't get it. If you read the gospel it is clearly not. We sure do have to meet conditions to get to heaven. Sure, God shines on the good and the bad, but that's only when they're alive. Once they are dead, if they don't meet certain conditions, they go to hell.

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