Thursday, March 20, 2014

Silverstream in danger

The monks of Silverstream Priory, Fr Mark Kirby's monastery are in need of money. The prayed they received a 100,000 euros but they still need another 500,000 to buy the property they are living in. They also have vocations but as their hold on the property uncertain so is their future.

As Fr Mark says
“Promising young vocations are knocking at our door, but the door does not belong to us, nor does the house, nor the land. The future of Silverstream Priory is at stake. Please do something to re–establish monastic life in County Meath, not far from the Hill of Slane where Saint Patrick, long ago, kindled his Paschal Fire.”
If you can help go here 


Anonymous said...

Having been there on a few occasions, I am very grateful that an orthodox contemplative order has come to serve the people of Ireland. We badly need them to stay.

AndrewWS said...

What they really need is a "Friends of Silverstream" set up as a charity in the UK (and certainly something similar in the States) in much the same way as Norcia has. If I had some serious moolah, they'd be welcome to some.

Anonymous said...

Andrew, they do have a fundraising group.

Anonymous said...

Fr Blake, Fr Kirby's blog doesn't seem to be currently on your sidebar list.

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