Saturday, March 22, 2014

St Mary Magdalen's New Website

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
We have a new parish website up and going, check it out!
Many thanks to those good parish priests like Fr Tim who allowed us loot, plunder and pillage their own sites.
I just love the pictures, like most priests and servers their back is their best feature.
Oh, and there is a facebook page too.


viterbo said...

Congratulations of the new website, Father. Very spiffy.

Genty said...

Excellent. Just the info needed for those of us who live outside the parish.

motuproprio said...

Especially good section on becoming a Catholic.

nickbris said...

It appears to have been a great success,several people told me they were looking for Mass times and found us.

Zephyrinus said...

Congratulations, Fr.

The new Web-Site really makes an impact.

Hold the Front Page. Brighton's made a Scoop !!!

Robert said...

Very nicely designed Father.