Thursday, June 04, 2015

By the way we have a Missa Cantata at 7.30pm tomorrow (Thursday() very simple: Byrd 3 voices, a small procession and Benediction, there is parking in the school playground behind the Church.

Does any one have a spare canopy that is looking for home?


Alex Smith said...

No, but I do have a rather large umbrella if needed!

John Kearney said...

Pope Francis got my support when he said the family was the building brick of society. It is the strength of these bricks that detemine the success of failure of the building called society. Families should be the first school of love. God made us male and female and for that reason a man is joined to his wife. The love of the parents is what joins them together and it is in the security and warmth of that love that children grow to love their parents and one another. Then having matured in love they bring it to their neighbours and then their own spouses. We then have a society which is not broken. We pray for it every Sunday in the Our Father....Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven... So through the family we build the Kingdom on earth that God intended. It is the formula for happiness that God gave us so when we get that bit right we can move on to economics, poverty, and every other trouble with society. Why have Christians made such a mess of this.