Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Gifts: another thought

Catholics, Anglicans walk the talk as they seek unityJust one last thought following on from the last post.
What would the reaction be in Orthodox circles if the Pope gave either the Patriarch of Constantinople or Moscow a pastoral staff or another episcopal ornament?
It would of course never happen, or if it did it would probably cause a riot amongst the Orthodox, there would be cries of Papal aggression, monks on Athos would riot, names and Sees be struck from dyptrichs, East / West ecumenism will grind to a halt.
But Anglicans are a breed apart.


John Fisher said...

I just can't see how the Anglican narrative of being a scriptural church holds up. It is all just a type of sham. What is it they want. The Anglicans are the ones who have gone in another direction and they have abandoned both scripture and tradition. Welby is a little puppet. What they want is drag us down while they drown. I despise the C of E. While all our ancestors were forced to go along with a State Church which is a puppet of the government under pain of death what excuse to Anglicans have now? None just faded false propaganda. The C of E has no legitimacy because it is the creation of a fat tyrant who manipulated Christ and they do the same. They are like bald man with a toupee who can't accept reality so he puts of fake hair just as they do vestments.

Colin said...

All readers would greatly benefit from a study of Willíam Cobbett's short book The History of the Protestant Reformation. ISBN 1874037 1 1 6 Fisher Press 7.99 pds May I add that Henry VIII earned the title in posterity of Defender of the Faith which Bergoglio will never be qualified


Hugh McLoughlin said...

I don't know why, but for some reason going back to the pontificate of Pope Leo XIII, and perhaps even earlier to Pius IX, the Popes have differentiated between the "Church of England" and "Protestant Churches". Does anybody know why?